What does an Emergency Dentist do?

What does an Emergency Dentist do?

When you are dealing with a dental problem, a dentist should be the first person you reach. However, what if you encounter an issue on the weekend, in the middle of a night, or on holiday? If you are dealing with severe oral problems outside regular working hours, you need an emergency dentist visit. Visiting […]

Disadvantages of Dental Implants

An Extensive Guide To dental implants

Living with a missing tooth is often distressing for a patient. Gone are the days when there where dentures and bridges are the only options to replace a missing tooth. With the advancement of implant dentistry, dental implants have now become the ideal choice for replacing a missing tooth. The dental implants cost is affordable, […]

New Successful Method Developed to Bring Down Dental Implants Failure

Dental implants are proven successful for missing teeth replacements, however it has been revealed in a study that there’s a rare occurrence of failure of the procedure amongst patients. Some of the common reasons of dental implant failure include mechanical problems, rejection or infection, improper connection to the bones wherein the artificial tooth has been […]

Dental Care Myth you need not believe

8 Dental Care Myths You Need Not Believe

Myth#1: Removing the upper teeth can affect your vision. Fact – Undergoing treatment of the upper teeth including its extraction won’t influence the vision in any way. Tooth extraction or removal doesn’t have any relation with eye and its vision. While local anaesthesia given during the tooth extraction may cause some numbness around the facial […]

Don’t Neglect these Dental Hygiene Tips

Good oral hygiene is always very important for everyone to have a great smile! Poor oral hygiene may lead to various health issues in the future including infection, gum disease, bone loss, heart disease, strokes and more. Regular dental check-ups and cleanings help to prevent health issues and provide you with good oral hygiene. Here […]

Misconstrued Wisdom Teeth Facts

Exposing Some Misconstrued Wisdom Teeth Facts

Educated and well-informed patients are often able to make the difficult decisions regarding their general and oral health without blindly relying on peers or misinformed friends. That being said, faulty information can be your undoing, which is why you must be well aware of the best practices in oral care. In this spirit, this write-up […]

Know about your pearly white

Things You Ought To Know About Your Pearly Whites

Dentistry was not always as sophisticated as it is in this day and age. Nevertheless, the no matter the ages; people have always been acquainted with the importance of shiny and strong teeth. Right from prehistoric man who first designed prosthetic teeth to children today who still eagerly await the tooth fairy; many cultures are […]

The importance of making intervallic dentist appointments

Taking time out from your daily life and busy schedule to make periodic dentist appointments is something that always seems to drift to the back of your mind. But, recently conducted research on the initial stages of gum disease and the severity of tooth decay has only further stressed the importance of oral health. This […]

Tooth Implants Doubts

Tooth Implants Doubts – Find Answers Now

Tooth implants are the most advanced technological treatment option available today. They offer permanent replacement to missing and loose teeth, and can be an effective alternative to dentures to rebuild a functional and confident smile. But most people still hesitate to go for tooth implants in Sydney because of the few questions. The Cost of […]

Alternatives for People who Need Tooth Replacement

Worthy Alternatives for People who Need Tooth Replacement

Having lost all the teeth in your lower or upper gums can completely alter your life. While a couple of missing teeth can be bridged over, losing all your teeth can have a profound effect on your speech. While many complain of a garbled dialect, others detest compromising on their eating habits. However, ingenious advances […]