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Post Procedure Care

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Cost of Wisdom Teeth Removal in Sydney

Dr Paulo Pinho has made it his mission to offer wisdom teeth removal at affordable prices.


For tooth extraction due to damage caused by wisdom teeth.

$150 - $350

Simple Wisdom
Tooth Removal

For straightforward wisdom teeth removal with no complexities.

$225 - $250

Surgical Wisdom
Tooth Removal

For procedures where complexities are found during initial assessment.

$250 - $375

Dental Implants Cost SydneyEven though the prices for removing a single teeth may vary, Removing 4 wisdom teeth will never cost you more than $970

There are many factors that determine whether a procedure carries risk or complexity, which is why every patient has an initial assessment consultation with Dr Paulo Pinho.

X-Rays are taken for proper examination, your medical history is reviewed, and Dr Pinho explains the procedure to you. You’re then provided with a fixed-price quote with Medicare item numbers.

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Hospital Costs and Anaesthesia

Most procedures are performed under local anaesthesia in our clinics. If it’s decided that your case needs to be performed under IV sedation or general anaesthetic, additional hospital and/or anaesthetist fees may apply.

Hospital costs will vary between which hospital is chosen for your surgery, and if you’ve had private hospital cover for over 12 months it will likely cost you nothing out of pocket.

IV Sedation is available with an 85% Medicare rebate. We have some very good deals in place with Anaesthetists, and in some cases may only cost you $100 out of pocket to have all 4 wisdom teeth removed.

Financing and Payment Plans

Dr Pinho’s main mission is to make oral surgery affordable and accessible for everyone, nobody should be left in pain with inadequate dental care.

Payment plans and financing options are available to you and can be discussed in your initial consultation. Financial hardship is not a reason to ignore your dental health, and Dr Pinho strives to be as accommodating as possible.

Why Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth that grow before reaching adulthood. They may create issues due to lack of space as they are the last teeth to come through. If X-rays point they may cause a problem down the line, they must be removed. Here are few more reasons to consider wisdom teeth removal in Sydney:

  • They may cause damage to the existing teeth while creating unbearable pain and bite issues.
  • Also, the cysts that grow around the wisdom teeth can damage the surrounding nerves and the jaw.
  • The new teeth can also cause sinus pain and congestion
  • You might also experience swollen gums as the tissue around the new teeth can enlarge.
  • Besides, there’s a high chance of cavities formation due to the swollen gums around the new teeth
  • Above all, it can lead to teeth crowding due to lack of space and your other teeth could require alignment procedures

Our expert dentist will consider your age and carefully examine the position of the wisdom teeth and your mouth’s shape to decide if cheap wisdom teeth removal in Sydney is necessary.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedures

You can have the wisdom teeth removal in Sydney under local anaesthesia by our dentist. So you will be conscious, but the region around the wisdom tooth is utterly numb.

Also, sedatives can be administered along with the local anaesthetic to let you ease up through the removal process. If needed, they are also removed by giving general anaesthesia. In which case, you will be sleeping during the removal process. Our dentist will suggest an option that’s best for you after careful examination.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost in Sydney

The cost of wisdom teeth removal in Sydney depends on the level of complexity to extract each tooth. So the cost may vary, and it’s determined after considering various factors during the initial consultation with our dentist. Although, you can be rest assured we offer the best affordable and cheap wisdom teeth removal in Sydney. It’s as low as $150 and no more than $970 for all 4 wisdom teeth extraction.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery Tips

Generally, the healing period takes just a few days. Have painkillers as suggested by the dentist. Here are few more helpful tips:

  • Consider applying an ice pack on your cheek. Repeat it for a few minutes at a time for the first day. Also, ensure you don’t bite the inside of your cheek or lip.
  • Have soft foods like gelatine, light soups, mashed foods, and pudding. You can slowly include solid foods to your diet as recovery progresses.
  • Don’t sleep flat, as it may extend bleeding. Use pillows to raise the height of your head.
  • Take good rest after surgery. Avoid physical activity as it can lead to bleeding.

Contact our dentist if you still experience bleeding in your mouth 24 hours after the wisdom teeth removal in Sydney.


State the Factors That Influence the Cost of wisdom teeth removal in Sydney

The type of extraction needed : Impacted teeth generally cost more to remove because they require surgery to accomplish. Simple extractions that can be performed at a regular dentist cost less.

Your individual dentist : This can be a big factor in regards to the cost. Since there are no regulations on pricing for dental work, the dentist is really free to charge whatever he/she wants.

Where you are located : Where you go for the procedure can impact the cost, and this will vary from state to state. There is a price difference between big cities and rural areas as a result of less competition and less resources, so in general, having your wisdom teeth removed in a big city will be more affordable.

Give Some Tips for Reducing Your Wisdom Teeth Removal Costs in Sydney

How complicated is your case ? Find out whether your situation is complicated or simple. If the wisdom teeth removal procedure is simple and can be performed easily, a good health insurance provider will rebate majority of the costs.

Do it sooner rather than later – it may be too late for you, but if you have children, consider having their teeth removed they’re in their younger teenage years, so that you they can endure the cheap wisdom teeth removal in Sydney

See a wisdom teeth removal specialist – there are some dentists who specialise in wisdom teeth removal, and because of this they often offer very reasonable prices.

Keep your eye out for promotions – with more and more competition in the industry, sales and promotions are often easily found online. Keep your eyes peeled.

What Are Potential Wisdom Teeth Removal Complications?

Two of the most significant complications include:

Paraesthesia, also known as nerve damage: It is a less frequently occurring complication. Wisdom teeth entrapped in the jawbone are sometimes close to nerves. These nerves can be bruised or damaged during the tooth removal process. The result is a numbness (called a paraesthesia) of the tongue, lip or chin that can last a few days, weeks, months or may even be permanent.

Dry socket: It is a complication of wound healing following extraction of a tooth. It occurs when either a blood clot has failed to form in the extracted tooth socket or else the blood clot that did form has been dislodged. If clotting doesn’t occur, healing will be delayed. When it happens, dry socket typically occurs 3 or 4 days after the extraction and is accompanied by pain and a foul mouth odour. It will heal and recover with time but your dentist can surely help you out. These usually consist of rinsing the inflamed socket gently followed by placing some type of sedative dressing, which soothes the inflamed bone for a period of time and promotes healing.

How is the IV Sedation Administered for Wisdom Teeth Removal?

A thin needle will be introduced into a vein in your arm or hand. The needle will be attached to an intravenous tube through which medication like versed will be given to help you relax and feel comfortable.

The goal of IV conscious sedation is to use as little medication as possible to get the treatment completed. It is very safe, much safer than oral sedation. With IV conscious sedation a constant drip is maintained via the intravenous tube. At any time an antidote can be administered to reverse the effects of the medications if necessary.

When Should You Get a CT-Scan For Wisdom Teeth Removal?

A CT-scan provides more detailed information about the position of wisdom teeth and their proximity to nerves and sinuses. While not indicated routinely for wisdom teeth, this type of image is helpful for patients who have severe or deeply impacted wisdom teeth and when your dentist is concerned about proximity to nerves, sinuses, or cysts. Although rare, any irritation to the nerve that passes under the lower wisdom teeth, can lead to a period of numbness along the lip and chin area. In most cases, this condition is temporary and resolves gradually in six to eight weeks. Only in rare instances, it may become more prolonged or permanent. Recently, cone beam CT-scan (CBCT) machines like I-CAT have become more readily available in dental offices. With less cost and significantly less radiation, CT-scan is being used more often instead of a panoramic X-ray.

The i-CAT Cone Beam 3D Dental Imaging System allows us to provide quick, comfortable, and effective dental imaging for a precise wisdom teeth diagnosis. i-CAT special features include:

  • 8 or 23 second scan that provides enough data for a complete all-on-4 treatment.
  • A safer diagnosis with less radiation than traditional CT scanners.
  • Increased comfort — patients are seated in an open environment with plenty of space
  • A more cost-effective imaging system.
  • We can easily share the data with patients, so patients stay informed and are able to make educated decisions on their course of treatment.

How much does it cost to have your wisdom teeth removed in Sydney?

The wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney, varies on case basis. A simple straightforward Wisdom Tooth Removal with no complications, cost only from $225 – $250. All our specialist oral surgeons are trained in dealing with the complex of all cases at ease. Hence, they will offer you with the most affordable prices in all comfortable ways.

Is wisdom teeth removal covered by Medicare?

The wisdom teeth removal Sydney is usually an outpatient procedure. The routine extractions are generally not covered by Medicare. There are a few instances, when wisdom tooth removal might be covered by Medicare, if the tooth has to be removed before the radiation treatment for any neoplastic disease, then the wisdom tooth removal will be covered. Moreover, if the wisdom tooth has to be removed in an inpatient hospital setting, then the hospitalisation expenses will be covered by Medicare Part A. At Dr Paulo Pinho’s clinic, he reviews your medical history thoroughly and explains the procedure to you. You will then be offered with a fixed-price quote with Medicare item numbers.

How much does it cost to have your wisdom teeth out?

The wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney can vary depending on the specific needs of the patient. At Dr Paulo Pinho’s clinic you can get a tooth extraction due to damage caused by wisdom teeth from $150 – $350. While removing all 4 wisdom teeth will never cost you more than $970.  Call us today on 1300 721 184 to book an appointment today!

How much does a tooth extraction cost in Sydney?

For a simple Tooth extraction, due to the damage caused by wisdom teeth, it would cost somewhere between $150 – $350. Yet, there are many factors that determine the complexity of the extraction of the tooth.  Hence it is significant for every patient to undergo an initial assessment with Dr Paulo Pinho. Call us today on 1300 721 184 to check out the wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney!

Should you be put to sleep for wisdom teeth?

Your dentist will recommend a sedation process during a wisdom teeth removal Sydney, if you are to undergo any surgical procedure. Usually local anaesthesia is given to the people who are anxious or if they have any fear over the dental treatment. The sedation will keep you conscious during the process, and you will sleep only with deeper levels of anaesthesia.

How painful is wisdom teeth removal?

You shouldn’t feel any pain during your wisdom teeth removal in Sydney, as the area will be anesthetised. However, if you still feel pain during the procedure, tell your oral surgeon or the dentist, so that you can be administered with more anaesthesia. Call us today on 1300 721 184 to clear your doubts on wisdom teeth removal.

What can I eat 4 days after wisdom teeth removal?

You can return back to normal diet after the post-surgical bleeding has stopped, after your removal of wisdom teeth in Sydney. While for the first 3-5 days only a soft diet is recommended. Food stuffs like – yogurt, oatmeal, cream of wheat, mashed potatoes, Jell-O and ice-cream are to be consumed. But if the food served is hot, bring it to the room temperature before eating. Also take in your post-operative medications for a speedy recovery. Moreover when you eat, do not apply pressure on the area with sutures.

How long does it take for the hole to close after a wisdom tooth extraction?

After the removal of wisdom teeth Sydney, it would take up to 2 weeks for the wound to heal up completely. But taking a proper care of the wound would help in the quick healing process. The time may actually vary depending on the wisdom tooth, if it was impacted on the bone or in the gum tissue. In case, if it had impacted on the bone,  the procedure would have called for a bone removal, which might require a more healing time than usual.

How should I sleep after wisdom teeth removal?

Though the wisdom teeth removal Sydney is a very common and minor process, it might take some time to heal. After the removal of the wisdom tooth, swelling or pain will often be present in the face and neck. With these effects, sleeping might become a struggle. However, sleeping is very important for the healing process for a quick recovery.  Hence, when you sleep, keep the head and upper body elevated for 3 to 4 days at a 45-degree angle. This will allow the blood vessels to flow properly, helping with the decrease in pain.

How can I make my wisdom teeth heal faster?

Recovering from wisdom tooth removal can take some time. Hence you must take ample care for your teeth and gums to help with the speedy recovery. After the removal of wisdom teeth Sydney, you might experience swelling and mild bleeding. Hence it is important to take the prescribed antibiotics and painkillers to help ease any discomfort and faster healing. Also take ample rest with the right diet which will help in faster healing of the wisdom teeth removal.



No Waiting Time

Through his surgical career, Dr Pinho has become extremely efficient.

Post Procedure Care

Post Procedure Care

Dr Pinho offers Post Operatory follow up for every case and treatment free of charge.