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Through his surgical career, Dr Pinho has become extremely efficient.

Post Procedure Care

Post Procedure Care

Dr Pinho offers Post Operatory follow up for every case and treatment free of charge.

Affordable Wisdom Teeth Removal

Dr Paulo Pinho (Dentist) focuses on efficient, safe and cheap wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne and Sydney.

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Since setting up his own practice, Paulo has seen thousands of patients. He has wisdom tooth extraction down to a fine art; just safe, gentle and affordable oral surgery.

He has removed over 20,000 Wisdom Teeth in the past 15 Years and is very proud to have an Impeccable Safety Record.

We understand that having a wisdom tooth extracted can be traumatic if your dental surgeon doesn’t use the right approach. You may be fearful of dentists because of poor dental care when you were a child or just fear the pain or the injection.

Paulo is dedicated to making sure every aspect of your treatment is as relaxed and calm as possible. He uses the latest dental technology and techniques (including sleep dentistry) to ensure safe, gentle and affordable tooth extraction and wisdom teeth removal.

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How do I know if I need my wisdom teeth removed?

Unfortunately, usually the first time you know is when you experience pain, or get an infection or abscess.


  • Antibiotics are just a short-term solution for infection and impacted wisdom teeth.
  • Wisdom teeth removal is best done early as infection can cause other health problems.
  • You need a consultation with an oral surgeon to determine which teeth you need removed.
  • We recommend that you have a panoramic x-ray so your oral surgeon can evaluate your teeth and nerve structure.
  • You have a choice of local or general anaesthetic.
  • If you’re travelling overseas for an extended period, it’s best to remove any compromised wisdom teeth before you leave.
  • Removing your wisdom teeth can prevent crowding, so your front teeth stay straighter.

Sometimes it’s safe to leave your wisdom teeth intact, though. You can read more about wisdom teeth here.

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It’s easy to get an appointment, over the phone or online 24/7. We’ll always book you in for an initial consultation so we can see just what needs to be done. If the problem is urgent, we’ll try to deal with the problem on that same visit.

We talk you through the treatment we propose – step by step – and make sure you’re completely comfortable with all your options (including general anaesthesia and IV sedation or ‘sleep dentistry’).

Whatever your wisdom tooth problem, we assess each case individually.

Wisdom Teeth Removal to Sidestep Extreme Pain and Discomfort

Why Wisdom Teeth Removal Necessary?

Wisdom teeth, also called the third molars are the last teeth to come through and grow at the back of your gums. These teeth usually grow through the gums during the late teens or early twenties. As wisdom teeth are grown by this time, there is not enough room in the mouth for them to grow properly. This lack of space propels wisdom teeth to emerge at an odd angle or make them partially emerge. This irregular growth of wisdom teeth is called as impacted wisdom teeth.

Removal of wisdom teeth isn’t necessary, if they are not impacted. But, we recommend undergoing wisdom teeth removal surgery in Sydney, if you are experiencing any of the following complications.

  • Dental Caries – Since wisdom teeth are located far in the back of the mouth, it’s difficult to clean and keep it free of bacteria and plaque. Accumulation of plaque erodes the surface of your teeth and causes cavities in the tooth, which can affect the surrounding teeth.
  • Gingivitis – Commonly called as gum disease, it is caused by the toxins released by plaque. It results in red swollen and painful gums that affects the bone and causes severe pain.
  • Pericoronitis – This can be easily diagnosed during a clinical exam. It is the inflammation of the gum tissue surrounding the partially erupted wisdom teeth. This is often accompanied by symptoms like fever, swelling, and pain which indicate a spreading infection.
  • Bacterial infection in the cheek, tongue or throat.
  • Cyst growth in the place of wisdom teeth.

Most often, we perform panoramic x-ray to evaluate your teeth condition and its nerve structure. We also recommend antibiotics and antiseptic mouthwash as a short term solution for impacted wisdom teeth in Sydney.

Effective Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedures

As stated earlier, we will take an X-ray of your mouth to determine the complexity of the problem and the exact treatment option. Generally, we perform wisdom teeth removal in Sydney under general anaesthesia to numb the tooth and surrounding area. This is done to elude the pain or any discomfort that causes while performing the surgery.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery

During the wisdom teeth removal surgery, our professionals will make a small incision in the gum and a piece of bone covering the tooth will be removed. The wisdom tooth to be removed will be broken into multiple smaller pieces to make it easier to come out of the opening. The wisdom teeth removal in Sydney will not be painful because the surgical area would be made numb before the surgery begins. In case, if you are experiencing any pain during the surgery, tell our local anaesthetic immediately so that he can give you more anaesthetic.

Duration of the Procedure

Simple wisdom teeth removal procedure will be completed within a few minutes but can take longer than 20 minutes if the process is more complicated. You will also experience minor discomforts like swelling of gums and bleeding for at least three days after surgery.

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How Long Does Wisdom Teeth Removal Take?

Usually, wisdom teeth removal in Sydney can take approx. 30 minutes. Of course, every case is different, some taking longer than others. Recognizing that often all 4 wisdom teeth are removed in one visit, it will usually take less than 1 hour for treatment to be completed.

How Long Does It Take For Wisdom Teeth To Heal After Surgery?

Recovery time varies from patient to patient of course. Typically, the usual recovery of wisdom teeth removal in Sydney varies from 1-4 days.

Wisdom Teeth Recovery Timeline – Describe?

The time it takes to stop feeling pain and swelling after wisdom tooth removal typically ranges from 4 to 8 days.  The better you care for your teeth and mouth in the days after surgery, the better chance you’ll have of experiencing a short recovery.  Another factor that affects recovery time is how impacted your wisdom teeth were and how many were removed.

What Are the Simple Ways to Speed Up Wisdom Teeth Surgery Recovery?

The best way to recover from wisdom teeth surgery is to follow your wisdom teeth specialist in Sydney instructions consistently & thoroughly. Here are some little known ways to make the healing process a little faster and less stressful.

  1. Prevent dry socket
  2. Keep your head elevated for the first three days
  3. Ice the area of the cheek closest to the extraction site for the first day
  4. Don’t let your mouth dry out
  5. Massage your jaw point on both sides (without giving too much pressure)
  6. Drink ice cold coconut water until you’re able to eat soft foods

What Are the Foods to Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Following the extraction of wisdom teeth, it is important to avoid eating crunchy, spicy, or difficult-to-chew foods. Such foods can cause increased pain or prevent healing. Here are some eating suggestions for the first 1-2 weeks after your wisdom teeth are removed, based on the experience of wisdom teeth removal experts in Sydney:

  1. Mashed Potatoes
  2. Fruit Smoothies
  3. Ice Creams
  4. Instant Pudding & Oat Meals
  5. Soup

Are there any specific precautions that I should take after mywisdom teeth removal procedure?

There are many precautions that you should be aware of regarding the wisdom teeth removalprocedure that could ease any discomfort. They are –

  • Consume cold drinks and avoid very hot drinks or food on the first day of the dental implants. Opt for only soft foods.
  • Don’t disturb the area with your tongue or fingers.
  • Soothe the area with ice pack to avoid discomfort.
  • Brush and floss your teeth twice a day.
  • Have regular follow-up with your dentist specialised in wisdom teeth removal Sydney.

How long will i need to be on medication for wisdom teeth removal?

For most patients, 3 to 5 days of analgesics and up to 7 days of antibiotics are adequate. But, it is important to note that, even if you are not experiencing any symptoms of pain or bleeding, it is a must to consume your medicines prescribed by your dentist specialised in wisdom teeth removal Sydney for the full duration.

How much do you charge for Wisdom Teeth Removal?

The wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydneymight vary on case basis.But, our specialist oral surgeons are trained in dealing with the most of complex removal of the third molars at ease. Hence, they will offer you with the most affordable prices in all comfortable ways possible.

Can I sleep through my wisdom teeth removal surgery?

There are a number of ways that we could assist in making you comfortable and ease during the surgery. Sleep dentistry is one among them.  This method, will put you somewhere in-between the awake and sleep mode, but you will be conscious enough to respond to the doctor’s request. We have specialist anaesthetists and the high-tech facilities for your safety needs. You get to enjoy all the benefits of contemporary dentistry at acost of wisdom teeth removal in Sydneythat is very affordable.

Can I know about the options in Wisdom teeth removal?

There are usually two options in Wisdom teeth removal Sydney.

You will remain awake during the wisdom teeth removal procedure and the oral surgeon will administer a local anaesthesia into the area, numb it and then remove the teeth.

(OR) You can opt for sleep dentistry withfull anaesthesiaand have the oral surgeon perform the surgical procedure on you.

Consult with our expert wisdom removal dentist today to choose the best option.


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Through his surgical career, Dr Pinho has become extremely efficient.

Post Procedure Care

Post Procedure Care

Dr Pinho offers Post Operatory follow up for every case and treatment free of charge.