Good oral hygiene is always very important for everyone to have a great smile! Poor oral hygiene may lead to various health issues in the future including infection, gum disease, bone loss, heart disease, strokes and more. Regular dental check-ups and cleanings help to prevent health issues and provide you with good oral hygiene. Here is a list of dental hygiene steps you can follow to promote oral hygiene.

Proper Brushing

One of the most important benefits of brushing your teeth is the prevention of tooth decay and cavities. When you take care of your teeth from the young age, you may be able to avoid the dental problems that tend to occur later in your life. Of course, it is never too late to start the habit of brushing your teeth and caring for your oral health.

Brushing at least twice a day can prevent the acid build-up caused by the bacteria. But if your routine work stops you from doing this, then thoroughly rinse your mouth with water after every meal to minimise the amount of food stuck in your teeth, which results in the formation of bacteria.


Flossing your teeth can help you remove the food particles and other substances that brushing cannot do. Flossing allows reaching deep between the teeth where the toothbrush bristles cannot reach, or mouthwash cannot wash away. Flossing at least once a day is good for your oral health.

Clean your tongue

Cleaning the surface of your tongue also help you to maintain your oral hygiene. The bacteria on your tongue can contribute to bad breath and negatively affect your dental health. By using a professional tongue cleaner, you tend to remove countless bacteria that live on the rougher top surface of your tongue.

Avoid Tobacco

Avoiding tobacco will be a big favour to your teeth. It can save you from effects caused by the agents used to mask the smell of tobacco. For example, if you smoke a cigarette, you may use some masking substances like candies, tea or coffee to avoid the smoky breath and odour. This doubles the amount of damage caused to your teeth. Avoiding tobacco will also save you from oral cancer and periodontal complications.

Limit Sodas, Coffee, and Alcohol

Although soda, coffee, and alcohol contain phosphorous, which is a necessary mineral for a healthy mouth, it can deplete the level of calcium in your body. And it causes dental hygiene problems including gum disease and tooth decay. Therefore, it is better to have milk, which helps strengthen your teeth and build stronger enamel, thus giving you a healthy, beautiful smile. Also, water hydrates your body longer than sugary drinks.

Visit Your Dentist

It is advisable to visit your dentist at least twice in a year to have a full dental check-up. Also during these appointments, a comprehensive examination is done with x-rays to help detect and prevent the dental problems occurring in the future.