Misconstrued Wisdom Teeth Facts

Educated and well-informed patients are often able to make the difficult decisions regarding their general and oral health without blindly relying on peers or misinformed friends. That being said, faulty information can be your undoing, which is why you must be well aware of the best practices in oral care. In this spirit, this write-up seeks to demystify a few prominent factual errors that people have come to believe about wisdom teeth in Sydney.

A wisdom tooth erupts simultaneously with all of your adult molars

Another misconception, the wisdom teeth actually develop any time after your teenage years up till you are 30 years of age. The normal adult has usually gained maturity by this age as well. Even so, most individuals have their wisdom teeth coming in between the ages of 15 and their mid-20’s. Another little known fact is that a certain percentage of the population never gets these teeth at all! This is about 35 in every 100 citizens.

Extraction is mandatory prior to the commencement of orthodontic procedures

Patients harbour concerns that the eruption of a rebellious wisdom tooth may compromise the recent success of their orthodontic procedures. Many see extraction as a wise way to avoid chances of this. Just as your dentist will tell you, each person has a different eruption case. So you may or may not be in a situation of misalignment or where your new wisdom tooth leans against the other molars. Although there is no way to predict the positioning apart from dental X rays, so you can speak to your dentist and decide on the best route to take.

These teeth always demand extraction

This fact is untrue for they do not always call for extraction. When they erupt, the molar are supposed to come up smoothly in a perfectly aligned manner. If this happens (as it does in certain cases) there is no need for worry. However, when they grow to impact surrounding teeth or are grown in an overcrowded jaw, they can create impediments. Since every case is different, they tend to present different problems for different people.

Dentists suggest extraction purely as a way to ensure that there is no impaction and the related difficulties that plague a number of patients.

The only problem they cause is unattractive overcrowded teeth

Situated at the back of your mouth the wisdom tooth is not very visible, nor does it hamper your smile. However, it’s unique positioning makes it difficult to clean and maintaining oral hygiene can be tricky. Apart from the formation of cavities, the manner of eruption of this tooth can present issues like incomplete eruption and misalignment. Such issues result in creating the perfect environment for germs to prosper so that they make you experience tooth ache, a hard jaw, inflammation, as well as additional treacherous conditions.

Wondering why this seemingly harmless molar should be the source of so much distress? Well, there are solutions that let you eliminate all cause for concern by simply electing wisdom tooth removal in Sydney.