Know about your pearly white

Dentistry was not always as sophisticated as it is in this day and age. Nevertheless, the no matter the ages; people have always been acquainted with the importance of shiny and strong teeth. Right from prehistoric man who first designed prosthetic teeth to children today who still eagerly await the tooth fairy; many cultures are packed full with the importance of teeth.

So, gear up to delve into the history of your pearly whites for these tooth facts are sure to intrigue you.

A fact that few are aware of is that the famous George Washington used prosthetic teeth in the form of dentures. His set was fashioned out of a bizarre range of steel coupled with man and animal incisors to help him regain his lost bite.

People today use gold crowns to decorate their molars. In ancient times, quite a few men tried to fill their pearly whites with precious jewels. Researchers say that the primary objective of this was to further the appeal of their pearly whites.

The dentists of today were not the first people to come up with the ideal of synthetic teeth. The idea originated during the Mayan civilisation’s existence as they thought of alternatives to help people chew their food over two thousand five hundred years earlier. However, since they did not have the talented dentists of this age at their disposal, their efforts at prosthetic molars remained fairly uncomfortable. Undoubtedly people have better options today with the best oral surgeon in Sydney who can offer solutions to a number of oral woes.

The Mayans even developed a primordial borer that could festoon their pearly whites. Ornamentation was not all they sought for they would even sharpen their incisors and shape them to add to the excitement.

Just as America has a tooth fairy culture to please kids, other nations explore different origins to the same tale. The most intriguing of these is the wily mouse Perez who is the Spanish version of the tooth fairy. While the American folklore states that the fairy blesses your little one with a gift after collecting the first pearly white stored under the cushion; the mouse operates quite differently. Perez collects the fallen pearly white from a tumbler filled with water before leaving a present!

Early on in the 18th century, blacksmiths were the ones who performed teeth removals, as they had the tools for it. Dentistry saw improvement by leaps and bounds in the late 1800’s. This was when people began to study dental science as denizens’ desperately desired some uncomplicated yet safe ways to deal with tooth removal and even get dentures as substitutes for their lost teeth.

The scenario today is vastly encouraging as people can consult with an oral surgeon in Sydney whenever they experience oral issues like tooth ache, bad breath or even have a fallen molar. Moreover, modern inventions like painless dentistry can certainly help children as well as adults when they opt for orthodontic procedures.