Deciding between Tooth Repair and Going for Dental Implants

Why it is Necessary to Remove Wisdom Teeth in Your Mid-Teens

Is wisdom tooth removal necessary? Let me explain. Wisdom teeth erupts 6 to 8 years after all the other permanent teeth in the mouth. Our jaws are usually too short to have all 32 permanent teeth and finally results in crooked wisdom teeth. Here are the reasons why you should go for wisdom teeth removal […]

Tooth Implants Doubts – Find Answers Now

Tooth implants are the most advanced technological treatment option available today. They offer permanent replacement to missing and loose teeth, and can be an effective alternative to dentures to rebuild a functional and confident smile. But most people still hesitate to go for tooth implants in Sydney because of the few questions. The Cost of […]

Teeth Removal Really Mandatory

How Do I Know My Wisdom Teeth is impacted?

Wisdom teeth also known as the third molars are the last set of permanent teeth. Most people have all four wisdom teeth, two on the upper jaw and two on the lower jaw, and some don’t get their wisdom teeth. These teeth usually develop between the age of 16 – 21 but sometimes erupt at […]

Dental Implants – Are they Worth the Price?

Losing a tooth after the age of 13 loses confident as you lose the ability to grow natural teeth. It will also affect your personality, career and social life. To make it even worse, tooth loss can lead to bone loss affecting implant solutions more complicated and expensive. Having dental implants on time will help […]