Deciding between Tooth Repair and Going for Dental Implants

Is wisdom tooth removal necessary? Let me explain. Wisdom teeth erupts 6 to 8 years after all the other permanent teeth in the mouth. Our jaws are usually too short to have all 32 permanent teeth and finally results in crooked wisdom teeth. Here are the reasons why you should go for wisdom teeth removal in Sydney.

  • Crowding of wisdom teeth causes a misalignment or malocclusion of the rest of the teeth which might cause stress on the jawbone surrounding the teeth. The teeth gradually loosen causing gum disease. This one of the several reasons for gum diseases.
  • If you have spent lots of hard earned money to correct your child’s misaligned teeth, then wisdom teeth can spoil it. After straightening, if your child gets his/her wisdom teeth, it will try to push the rest of the teeth out of line again.
  • The teeth right in front of where the wisdom teeth try to erupt is known as the second permanent molars or twelve years molars. Your wisdom teeth while erupting can damage the second permanent molars.
  • Wisdom teeth can also cause TMJ (temporomandibular joint) syndrome. This causes pain in the jaw joints or ears, popping noises in the jaw joints while chewing, locking jaws and in some cases, even ringing in the ears, dizziness, and a sensation of blockage of hearing.

All these reasons are an emergency alarm for wisdom teeth removal in Sydney. If you experience pain in the back of your jaw, consult your doctor immediately and know whether your wisdom teeth are erupting in its position or should you remove it.