Teeth Removal Really Mandatory

Wisdom teeth also known as the third molars are the last set of permanent teeth. Most people have all four wisdom teeth, two on the upper jaw and two on the lower jaw, and some don’t get their wisdom teeth. These teeth usually develop between the age of 16 – 21 but sometimes erupt at a later stage for some people. Some even prefer wisdom teeth removal in Sydney to get rid of its unbearable pain during eruption.

But how do you know that your wisdom teeth are impacted? Impacted wisdom teeth occur when the teeth do not fully erupt due to the position of adjacent teeth, or surrounding bones and gums. Even though, when the wisdom teeth do erupt properly, there may be a tight fit in the back of the mouth, making it very hard to clean them properly leading to decay.

Usually, they grow straight and break through the gums to serve as the main teeth. Sometimes, wisdom teeth grow crooked, don’t break through the gums, and therefore can’t be used for chewing. They can also lead to a common infection known as pericoronitis. Pericoronitis is a condition where the gum over a partially impacted wisdom tooth traps food or other debris, and the bacteria living in the mouth feed on the food, multiply and causes infection.

All these pains and causes will alert you that you’ve impacted wisdom teeth. If the pain of impacted wisdom teeth persists or infection keeps recurring, your doctor will recommend an affordable or cheap wisdom teeth removal in Sydney.