Protect Your Teeth from Damage

Top Five Tips to Protect Your Teeth from Damage

Teeth are the precious pearls of the mouth. Irrespective of the advanced technology and innovation in the medical field, there is nothing that can truly compensate for the loss of these natural gems. By following a proper oral hygiene routine and keeping away from certain activities, individuals can enjoy great dental health for life. Here […]

wisdom teeth removal

What to Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Following the wisdom teeth removal procedures in Sydney, patients must follow the right diet to make the recovery process easier. While most patients reassign themselves to drinking only fruit juices and soups for the first few days, oral surgeons recommend trying a variety of items to ensure that they gain enough nutrients for their overall […]

Dental Implant

Why Do I Need a Bone Graft Procedure Before a Dental Implant?

Patients who are about to undergo a dental implant treatment are often confronted with a number of questions regarding the procedure as well as the recovery phase. One such common question that arises among patients is the need for a bone graft before a dental implant. Bone graft is not just a measure that augments […]

Why You Should Not Postpone Your Dental Implant Treatment?

Dental implants in Sydney are the most stable option to replace the missing teeth. Oral surgeons allow a time gap of 4-6 months between removal of infected teeth and dental implants. However in the case of accidental tooth loss, it is best to consider dental implants as early as possible. Missing tooth do not only […]

Teeth Surgery

Key Things to Know About Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Sydney may sound overwhelming, but having all the information required about the procedure makes it much easier and prepares patients better. Read on to find out some vital information on what to expect from the surgical process. Ensure you are the Right Candidate for the Procedure A dental surgeon considers all […]

Dental Implants

Aftercare Tips for Your Dental Implants

Post-operative care of your dental implants in Sydney is essential for the long-term success of the procedure. The right hygiene measures ensure that they last longer and are free of further complications like infection or pain. Read on to find out about the best ways to care for your dental implants. Good oral hygiene Sydney […]

Denture Function

How do Dental Implants Support Denture Function?

Denture wearers can never be too comfortable with eating and speaking no matter how long they have resorted to these dental aids. Denture adhesives lose their grip in the course of time and loosen the dentures resulting in discomfort and degraded looks. Read on to find out how dental implants in Sydney offer better denture […]

Tooth Implant

Five Questions You Must Ask Before a Tooth Implant

The loss of tooth may be from an intense game of rugby or due to unprecedented love for chocolates. In any case tooth implant in Sydney is the most recommended option for replacing the lost asset. Implants are expensive and are also difficult to understand. Once the dentist recommends a dental implant, the following five […]

Factors that Affect Cost of Wisdom teeth Removal

Factors that Affect Cost of Wisdom teeth Removal

Removal of wisdom teeth is a painful and an expensive affair. In order to obtain the best possible service, patients must primarily understand the various factors that influence the wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney. The Type of Extraction Wisdom tooth removal may be of two types, soft tissue extraction and hard tissue extraction. When […]

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Tips to Choose the Right Dental Surgeon for Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Cheap wisdom teeth removal in Sydney with no compromise on the quality of service is a dream of every patient with deteriorating oral health. Wisdom tooth that is not removed at the right time may cause severe consequences like bacterial infection, gum diseases, tissue damage and more. Factors listed below assist patients in determining the […]