tooth implant

Most kids tend to have accidents that cause some sort of injury or even tooth lose. When a child falls and loses a tooth, what can be done? The question which often strikes our mind is, “Can my child get dental implants?”

Unfortunately for children, the answer is “No”. Dental Implants can only be placed after the bones of the jaw are finished growing. Dental implants placed during growth will delay jaw growth as well as proper movement of teeth into their natural places in the mouth.

The earliest recommended ages for dental implants as suggested by tooth implant specialist in Sydney are as follows:

-Males – At least 17 years old.

-Females – At least 15 years old.

The determining factor for males and females is based on the completion of growth. Females generally complete the growth at an earlier age and thus can receive dental implants sooner to replace lost teeth.

But there is no more need to worry; fortunately there are few treatment procedures for children and teenagers who wish to replace their missing teeth.

Flipper -This is a removable appliance that is able to fill the space of the missing tooth with an artificial tooth. This can create a cosmetic appearance that would be undetectable by others. It can appear very natural looking, but may affect speech and taste.

Dental Bonding – While very rare, there are instances where a “fake” tooth can be bonded to a natural tooth.

Braces (Orthodontics) – Sometimes the missing tooth space can be closed with braces, or a false tooth can be placed on an orthodontic wire while the bite is restored.

Mostly tooth loss is short-lived for a child, as permanent teeth will soon come in to replace the baby teeth. No matter what, you should discuss options and tooth implant cost with your dentists in Sydney. Choose what works best for you and your child. Once a child matures and completes growing, dental implants can replace the lost tooth and give a lifetime of smiles.