The wisdom tooth or the third molar is the last tooth to grow in human beings, usually between the age of seventeen and twenty five. If the wisdom tooth is positioned correctly, its growth does not cause any sorts of pain. But if the third molars are positioned awkwardly, it causes terrible pain to the patient and hence it needs to be removed to make sure that the patient remains pain free.

How to get the wisdom tooth removed:

When faced with this problem, people are expected to reach out to a wisdom teeth removal surgeon in Sydney or a maxillofacial surgeon to make sure that the wisdom tooth is removed properly.

Wisdom tooth removal procedure:

Firstly the dentist will look for any infections in the mouth. In case of any infections, proper antibiotics will be prescribed to make sure that the infection is been cleared before the procedure is been carried out.

A general anaesthetic or local anaesthetic will be administered to the patient based on the number of wisdom tooth’s that needs to be removed.  If it is just one tooth that needs to be removed, local anaesthetic will be given to make the area numb before extraction. If all the wisdom teeth are to be removed together, a general anaesthetic may be used.

The dentist will then open up the gums, and will remove all the tissues that connect the teeth to the bone. At times the tooth will be broken down to smaller pieces to make the removal process easier.

Once it’s done, stitches will be applied and a cotton gauze pad will be placed over it to avoid bleeding.

Things to follow after surgery:

  • Make sure that gauze pad is replaced once it’s completely soaked up
  • Head should be kept in a raised position to avoid excessive bleeding
  • Rest is a must after surgery, as physical activity may increase bleeding
  • Should apply ice packs on the sides of the cheeks
  • Food intake should be start with liquid diet and can gradually move to semi solid and solid foods
  • Rinse your mouth with salt water frequently
  • Avoid smoking
  • Do not touch the wound with hands or tongue

Things to watch out for after surgery:

Patients who undergo this procedure should watch out for the following reactions after surgery.

  • Continuous bleeding even after 24 hours after the procedure is been done
  • Swelling and pain in gums
  • Continued numbness in mouth even after the effects of anaesthetic subsides

If you are facing with any of the above mentioned issues, you should reach out to the wisdom teeth removal surgeon in Sydney immediately for further help.

Advantages of wisdom tooth removal:

If you remove the wisdom tooth at the right time, you can avoid the following

  • Tooth decay in the wisdom teeth is hard to clean
  • The pain that occurs during the growth of wisdom tooth through the gums
  • Gums disease
  • Overcrowding of teeth

Hope you got a very good insight on wisdom tooth removal. Keeping all the above mentioned tips will make the wisdom tooth extraction process a successful one.