Wisdom Teeth Extraction you must know about

Congratulations on getting through your wisdom teeth removal procedure, but you are not done yet!  Recovery plays a big part in making your procedure successful in the end.  Different people respond to surgery differently.  This is why everybody should follow the recovery tips explained below to smoothen the transition process and make it complete without hassles. If you encounter the following situations mentioned below after affordable wisdom teeth removal in Sydney, read on to know how you can tackle the same.


If you experience bleeding sometime after the procedure, don’t panic. Blood that mixes with saliva might make it seem as if there is more blood. It is possible that you might have bleeding, 24 hours after the cheap wisdom teeth removal in Sydney. You will be given extra gauze, which shall be used to control bleeding. Roll it into a ball and bite on it with some pressure.  This will help you to stop bleeding in less than 1 hour. Slight bleeding within 24 hours after surgery is normal, and when you experience the same, you can use the gauze as mentioned earlier.


Swelling might also occur during the recovery period. It might increase for 2 days and then subsequently decrease for another 2 days. The best workaround to control swelling is applying ice packs the first 2 days on the cheek close to the surgical site. Also take Ibuprofen thrice a day to control swelling. Apply ice packs on and off, 15 minute each. On the third day, shift from cold compress to warm compress to facilitate blood circulation. You can use the heating pad or a damp cloth and apply it onto the cheek.


You can experience pain more frequently throughout the recovery period. This is when medical prescriptions can help. Follow the medications provided by your oral surgeon. Continue with the prescribed pain medications to reduce pain. Your dental professional can advise you on the same.

Rinsing and Brushing:

Don’t start brushing your teeth after the procedure right away. You must brush your teeth only after 72 hours. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep your mouth healthy.  Good oral health is necessary to facilitate speedy recovery. To ensure your mouth is clean and healthy, you can rinse using mouthwash. Rinsing can prevent bacterial growth, infections, and dry socket. Salt water rinses are recommended.

Foods to Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal:

Soft diet is always recommended because they are easy on your teeth. Opting for hard, chewy foods can be dangerous because it can impact the surgical site. Cooked vegetables, protein drinks, fish, scrambled eggs, food, and water are some of the best recommended foods you can eat after the procedure. Keep away sugary and junk foods. While liquid diet is good, depending solely on it isn’t advisable.

For more information on the procedure and wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney, deal with a reliable dental professional today.