Wisdom Teeth Removal for Healthy Smiles

When your dentist opens up to you that you need your wisdom teeth to be removed, that is when people start to panic. About 90% of people get their wisdom teeth removed for one or the other reasons. Wisdom teeth removal being a surgical procedure is sure not a happy thing to hear your dentist say. Let us discuss on wisdom teeth and why is it removed in detail.

When should I get wisdom teeth removal?

Well, you have a piece of happy news, it is not compulsory to get your wisdom teeth pulled out if they are appropriately positioned in your mouth and do not cause any discomfort, pain or other dental problems.

However, if wisdom teeth grow impacted or result in crowding of teeth in your mouth, your dentist will recommend you to get wisdom teeth removal. There are two ways a wisdom tooth may grow in your mouth.

  • Some will become impacted
  • Some might grow in like regular teeth

Impacted wisdom teeth are the ones that are blocked from growing in properly. These teeth typically remain below the jaw line horizontally instead of standing upright like how they are supposed to.

The main reason for wisdom teeth to grow impacted is that they do not have enough space in the mouth to grow properly as other teeth do. When these teeth sprout out sideways, they push the adjacent teeth.

A slightly sprouted wisdom tooth is difficult to keep as it can turn as the place for bacteria and plaque to accumulate.  This is bad as the accumulated debris would promote the development of cavities and also could lead to severe infection affecting more than just your teeth.

What is the correct age to get wisdom teeth removed?

Although there is no age restriction for wisdom teeth removal, the dentist suggests getting them removed at a young age.

Wisdom teeth removal at a young age promotes healing faster! However, if you are in your 40s with all your wisdom teeth, and if they don’t cause any oral complications, you don’t have to get them out.

If you are not sure about the health of your wisdom teeth, visit your dentist to get a proper examination and further treatment plans.

Is cheap wisdom teeth removal Sydney a painful procedure?

No, it is not! With proper anaesthesia administered, you should feel only pushing and pressure not pain. If you feel any sort of pain or sharpness, let your doctor know for him to understand your surgical site is not completely numb for which he may administer another dose.

There are different factors to consider before the surgery. So before you decide anything for yourself, be prepared with so many questions to ask your dentist to gain a good knowledge of the procedure.

What if I don’t have any wisdom teeth at all?

You are lucky! Don’t be anxious if you have no wisdom teeth, some people just don’t get them at all.

Get your affordable wisdom teeth removal cost now to flaunt not just a beautiful but a healthy smile.