Necessitates Wisdom Tooth Removal

1. Do I need to have my wisdom teeth extractions done to prevent them from pushing my front teeth inwards?

As of now, there is no published research that conclusively shows a connection between crowding of the front teeth and not performing wisdom teeth removal. Yet, there are many other reasons to have your wisdom teeth removal done in your early age. For most people there isn’t enough room for the proper growth of wisdom teeth, causing them to grow in sideways. So, the best way is to see your dentist for a consultation, and know the status of your wisdom teeth.

2. Do I need to see an Oral Surgeon for my Wisdom teeth removal?

No, it’s not a must to see an oral surgeon for normal wisdom teeth removal. Even a cosmetic dentist may be able to perform more basic wisdom tooth extractions, while the difficult ones do require the expert hands of an oral surgeon. Most dentists do not offer IV sedation, which many people prefer during their wisdom teeth removal to ease their experience. Having your wisdom tooth extraction done by a general dentist under local anaesthesia might be a great way to save your wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney, as oral surgeons are usually much more expensive due to their specialist status.

3. Does it hurt?

The procedure itself is painless since you have been numbed. Some patients feel pressure while elevating the site prior to the extraction process, and also report a cracking sound as the tooth leaves the bone, but rarely do patients feel any pain during the extraction. It’s important to let your dentist know if you are experiencing any pain during the procedure by calmly raising your hand. Sometimes you may need extra anaesthetic in order to be completely numbed.

4. Will I need someone to drive me home?

After wisdom tooth removal in Sydney, the only time you will need someone to drive is when you are IV sedated by a specialist. Most wisdom teeth removal doesn’t require the specialist, since it can be performed under local anaesthesia at your cosmetic dentist or general dentist with minimal discomfort. Afterwards, you will be able to drive home without any problems. But, if you feel or notice anything unusual after treatment that would prevent you from being able to safely operate a vehicle, you should contact your dentist to be on the safe side.

After undergoing the cheap wisdom teeth removal in Sydney, the patients experience a medium pain on day 1 after extraction, and high pain on day 2 after extraction, followed by low to medium soreness for up to a week. Usually, this pain can be managed through a prescription or over the counter medication. It is also important to follow the post-operative instructions provided by your dentist for fast recovery.