The removal of third molars or wisdom teeth is the most common procedure carried out in Sydney. The wisdom tooth usually grows behind your gums during the early twenties or late teens. During this time, the remaining 28 adult teeth are actually in place and so, there is not enough space in your mouth for wisdom teeth to develop properly. Owing to the lack of space, these wisdom teeth may sometimes get stuck, grow at an angle or just partially emerge. When the wisdom teeth are found to be developed through like this, then they are referred as impacted teeth.

When to visit a dentist :

You must make an appointment for a wisdom teeth removal in Sydney, if you are having discomfort or severe pain. Your dentist will check out your teeth and suggest, whether they are required to be removed.  If the dentist in Sydney thinks that you might need to remove your wisdom teeth, then you will be asked to take an X-ray of your mouth, which offers a clear view of your teeth position. Regardless of any teeth issues, it is important to make a consultation with the dentist as immediately as possible, instead of waiting for a regular dental check-up.

Why are wisdom teeth removed ?

Wisdom teeth aren’t usually required to be removed, even though they are impacted yet they do not cause any problems. Because there are no proven benefits of performing this and it also carries the risk of several complications. But sometimes, the impacted wisdom teeth have not completely broken through the gum surface. This may cause dental problems as food as well as bacteria may get trapped on the edge of your wisdom teeth and cause a build-up of plaque that could lead to:

  • Tooth decay:

This will develop if plaque starts to break your tooth surface. When tooth decay turns out to be more advanced, it will leave holes or cavities in the tooth that could affect the entire teeth.

  • Gum disease:

It is also referred as periodontal or gingivitis diseases which occur if plaque releases toxins, which will irritate your gums and even make them red, swollen and painful. Also, gum diseases could have a dramatic effect on the surrounding teeth and also bones that present around your wisdom teeth.

  • Cellulitis:

It is nothing but a bacterial infection happening in the tongue, throat or cheek.

  • Pericoronitis:

It occurs, when plaque will cause an infection in soft tissue, which surrounds the teeth

  • Abscess:

This happens, when pus gets collected in the wisdom tooth or the surrounding tissue because of bacterial infection

  • Development of cysts and benign :

This rarely develops as a swelling filled with fluid when your wisdom teeth have cut through the gum.

Most of these issues could be addressed and fixed with treatment, including antiseptic mouthwash and antibiotics. Therefore, removing your wisdom tooth is only suggested if other treatments do not work.

Dental cost :

Your dentist will charge you depending upon the treatment needed unless you are below 18. Read more about wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney and charges applied for services given.