Wisdom teeth are the third molars that are the last set of teeth that grows mostly in late teens or early twenties. In some cases, there may not be enough room in your mouth to accommodate the wisdom tooth for it to emerge out properly. This will gradually lead to an abnormal growth of the tooth, making it to emerge at an odd angle or to emerge partially causing several complications. On the other hand, removal of wisdom teeth can prevent many dental problems now and in future.

When should you consider removing your wisdom teeth?

  1. When they cause gum problems: These are problems to be checked soon as they may affect your overall health. The partially emerged tooth can create deep pockets around them, where the food you eat can get deposited, which in turn invites bacteria and other infectious organisms.
  2. Damage to the next teeth: The cavities developed in the wisdom tooth can spread to the nearby ones leading to their removal as well.
  3. Scrap the soft tissues around: The partially erupted tooth can scrap the surrounding soft tissue while chewing or talking.
  4. Pericoronitis: It is the inflammation of the gum near or surrounding you wisdom tooth accompanied by symptoms like fever, pain, and swelling.
  5. Cyst growth: There are possibilities of cyst growth in the place of wisdom teeth.

If you ever feel any one of the above symptoms immediately consider lowest wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney.

Procedures involved in the most efficient but cheap wisdom teeth removal in Sydney:

  • An x-ray is taken to confirm if extraction of the wisdom tooth is needed and its position.
  • A consultation to discuss the treatment plan and anaesthesia to be used.
  • On the day of the procedure, a professional will admit general anaesthesia followed by a small incision in the gum and removing the small bone covering the wisdom teeth.
  • The wisdom tooth is broken into smaller pieces and removed through the incision and sealed with suture.

The low-cost wisdom teeth removal in Sydney will not be painful as the area will be made numb with general anaesthesia. A simple wisdom teeth removal will take a few minutes to complete, but it can last for more than 20 minutes if the process is complicated.

Post-operative instruction after wisdom teeth removal:

  1. Gauze pads should be kept in the operated area to remove any extra blood.
  2. You can hold Ice packs over the cheek area.
  3. Prefer liquid food after surgery and then gradually move to soft solid foods. Stay away from cigars, spicy and hot foods.
  4. Do not use straws or gulp just sip on water.
  5. Take the prescribed medications properly.
  6. Your mouth will feel stiff post the surgery so open your mouth slowly and gently.
  7. Use salt water to clean your mouth especially after eating or drinking.