Dental Implant Treatment

Dental implants in Sydney are the most stable option to replace the missing teeth. Oral surgeons allow a time gap of 4-6 months between removal of infected teeth and dental implants. However in the case of accidental tooth loss, it is best to consider dental implants as early as possible.

Missing tooth do not only spoil the looks of the individual but may cause the following complications if not subjected to dental implant treatment at the right time.

Bone Atrophy

Over time, the absence of teeth may cause loss of bone in the jaw. The bone needs the tooth to stimulate it and without the tooth for a prolonged time span the bone begins to deteriorate and affects the facial appearance of the patient. Sydney dental implants play a crucial role in holding the bone together and in enhancing the looks of the patient.

Aversion towards Certain Food Items

With missing tooth, it is only natural for patients to avoid hard food items like nuts and raw vegetables. They learn to keep away from a certain list of foods permanently and therefore miss out on all the nutrients offered by those items.

Difference in the Way Of Speech

Missing tooth especially in the front can affect the way of speech in patients. The tongue pushes more air through the gap thus causing a whistling sound every time the patient speaks. Ultimately, such changes can have a deep impact on the confidence level of the patient.

Increased Costs

When patients delay the dental implant procedure, the bone shrinks and leads to further complicated procedures like bone grafts along with dental implants. This increases the overall cost of the procedure and also adds more complexity.