Wisdom Teeth

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So, your dentist suggests wisdom teeth removal. But, they don’t hurt and you wonder why need to extract. Unfortunately, a wisdom tooth doesn’t bring any wisdom. Instead, they cause a lot of oral problems. Yes, they negatively impact your oral health if not removed. Most of us will develop wisdom teeth and they are last the teeth to erupt in the late teens or early twenties. However, some don’t have wisdom teeth at all. Just because your wisdom teeth cause any pain it doesn’t mean that there is nothing wrong. They could be stuck or impacted and can take a toll on your oral health.

Why is wisdom teeth removal necessary?

The cheap wisdom teeth removal in Sydney is preventive efforts. Yes! The wisdom teeth are extracted in order to protect your other healthy teeth because an impacted wisdom tooth can cause a lot of dental problems like dental decay, gum infection, teeth shifting, teeth crowding, and cyst. Impaction occurs when a tooth fails to erupt in the right position or emerges partially. It commonly happens with the third molars.

Often, there won’t be enough space on the jawline to accommodate the wisdom teeth. Since there is not enough space, the wisdom tooth gets trapped under the gum line when it tries to erupt in the jawline. This condition is called impaction. In short, they can’t break through the gum and into your mouth. Maybe the teeth could be growing in an awkward angle to other teeth, or your mouth is too small to make room for them. Whatever the reason, impacted wisdom teeth can damage the tooth next to it. The wisdom teeth removal price Sydney is affordable, and it is a standard procedure in the dentistry.

What are the complications of wisdom teeth?

While some choose to remove their wisdom teeth even if they do not cause any problems, others don’t seek removal until they have pain. However, if you put off the treatment due to wisdom teeth removal price Sydney or dental fear, you may need to eventually schedule oral surgery soon as they tend to cause many problems the longer they remain in your mouth.

Here are the complications associated with wisdom teeth


If you experience pain at the back of your mouth, it is a common sign of emerging wisdom teeth. It can start off as mild and become intermittent. However, the pain can gradually increase to the point, and it can become difficult to chew and talk over time.

Swelling and redness

Along with pain, it can cause swelling and redness in the gum tissues around the wisdom teeth.


A wisdom tooth may partially emerge, and food can get trapped in the gums around third molars. This, in turn, can cause a cavity on the partially emerging wisdom teeth. Besides, other teeth around the wisdom teeth can also get decayed as there is not enough space to brush and floss.

Teeth shifting

Since there is no enough space on the gum line and other teeth can shift out of its place as wisdom teeth try to erupt. It can become misaligned and crooked.

If the cost is your only concern, you can opt for wisdom teeth removal Sydney payment plan. We offer payment plans with less or no interest to make the treatment affordable for all. Contact us today for scheduling your appointment.