Who can benefit from Clear Correct Invisible Braces?

Photo by Diana Polekhina on Unsplash

Clear Correct invisible braces are a clear aligner system used to straighten teeth. It is an alternative to conventional metal braces. Similar to other clear aligners, clear correct straightens teeth using a series of removable, custom-made aligners that gradually move teeth a little bit while eventually correcting the smile and teeth alignment to elicit a new revitalised look.

What should you know clear correct? 

Clear correct braces work using the same basic mechanism of other braces. Instead of metal brackets and wires used in traditional braces, clear correct uses a series of removable plastic trays also called aligners to straighten teeth. These aligners can be fitted directly into the teeth and are virtually invisible when worn. They are easy to remove for drinking, eating, and oral hygiene. For adolescence or adults looking for orthodontic treatments, clear correct is convenient and also an excellent option.

How does it work?

Clear Correct invisible braces treatment involves four phases of aligners therapy. Every phase requires a new tray that is worn for a period of three weeks. The time gap between each phase allows for flexibility and control. Clear aligners should be worn all the time except while drinking and eating or while flossing and brushing. Designed with aesthetics in mind, these aligners are barely visible and don’t have an impact on your day to day life. After wearing each set of aligners, the results will be noticeable as your teeth begin to adjust and align to the desired smile slowly. Regular dental check-ups with your dentist are required for your progress can be evaluated, and you can be given the next set of trays. This will continue until you achieve your new smiles. The treatment time can vary from one to two years based on your specific requirements, condition, and the degree of misalignment.

The Clear Correct invisible braces cost treatment varies from option to option. To determine the best treatment option for you, you have to visit your dentist for further evaluation. The dentist will check your mouth, the state of your teeth and discuss your needs and suggest the best orthodontic treatment for you.

Who can benefit from clear correct braces?

Clear collect aligners are best for adults and teenagers. Children who may not have all their molars and senior citizens who present with more complicated dental cases may also be candidates for clear correct. Still, they should consult their dentist before determining the treatment options that best suit their needs. Clear correct aligners can be used to treat the following orthodontic conditions

  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crowded teeth
  • Crooked or turned teeth
  • Spacing between teeth, etc.

Clear Correct braces versus traditional orthodontics:

In cases where clear correct is not right for certain misalignment cases or complex problems, traditional braces can be used. However, traditional metal braces are attached to your teeth and should be adjusted periodically by your dentist. Patients who have had this treatment have reported uneasiness. Moreover, these cannot be removed until the treatment is completed. Also, traditional braces may hinder your ability to perform routine oral hygiene tasks and interfere with speaking and eating. On the other hand, the clear correct are custom-fitted to your teeth to provide an irritation-free treatment with nearly no discomfort.