wisdom teeth removal

Following the wisdom teeth removal procedures in Sydney, patients must follow the right diet to make the recovery process easier. While most patients reassign themselves to drinking only fruit juices and soups for the first few days, oral surgeons recommend trying a variety of items to ensure that they gain enough nutrients for their overall health.

Some of the food items that are worth a try after wisdom teeth removal are,

Mashed Potatoes

When mashed to the right consistency and topped with sour cream or butter, the dish is delicious, easy to eat and offers a filling meal of carbohydrates. Sweet potatoes can also be consumed in the same way.

Milk Shakes

Add some fresh cream or milk to your favourite fruit to relish a glass full of taste and good health. Dilute the drink to make it easier for drinking directly from the glass rather than using a straw. Add a spoonful of any protein mix to the drink to feel more rejuvenated.


Looking for a fat-free alternative after wisdom teeth removal in Sydney? Cream of wheat may be the best choice for patients with diabetes and high blood pressure. Make sure that no chewy bits of fruits or nuts are added to the mix.

For up to two days after the surgery, patients must stick to such soft food items and slowly introduce solids into the diet. Pancakes, pasta, boiled beans and scrambled eggs are good solid food choices to start with.