What should you know about Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Wisdom teeth are the third molars. It is not always necessary for you to remove the wisdom teeth. If they are positioned appropriately in your mouth and don’t cause any discomfort, pain or oral problems, you can have them. However, if these teeth grow impacted, cause dental issues like teeth crowding, then your dentist will recommend you to get wisdom teeth removal. Your wisdom teeth can grow in two ways. Some will grow impacted some will grow like regular teeth

Impacted Wisdom Teeth:

An impacted wisdom tooth is what blocked from growing appropriately. These teeth will remain typically below the gum line horizontally instead of standing upright.

  • In some cases, these teeth also sprout sideways towards the second molars or adjacent teeth.
  • Having an impacted tooth can be harmful as it can be a place for bacteria and plaque to accumulate in your mouth.
  • This is bad as it can promote the development of cavities leading to a larger infection affecting your other healthy teeth.
  • The impacted wisdom teeth can also colloid with second molar roots, which can cause extreme pain.
  • Besides, while the impacted wisdom tooth tries to erupt, the tooth itself can wear down the second molar causing other severe dental problems.

If your wisdom tooth comes in your mouth appropriately and you decide to retain it, make sure you floss your teeth properly. Located at the backside of the jaw, they are hard to claim and make it decayed quickly, which can spread to other teeth.

What if my Wisdom Teeth grow in and don’t hurt?

In such a case, chances are you can retain your wisdom teeth. However, if your dentist looks into your X-ray and suggests wisdom teeth removal, you should go for it because these teeth are very susceptible to cavity formation and are not easy to clean as they are located at the back of the jaw. If there are cavities in your wisdom teeth, your other teeth might also start to get cavities. Investing in affordable wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney is one of the easiest ways to avoid these problems.

When should I get wisdom teeth removal

There is no fixed age to undergo wisdom teeth removal. Some people get wisdom teeth removal at a young age. However, some get at a later age. Dentists suggest getting wisdom teeth removal as early as possible for better healing. As you age, your bones and muscles will get tighter, which can cause complications after extraction. It can also make wisdom teeth removal tough. If you are not sure about removing your wisdom teeth, you should visit your dentist, who will check your mouth and let you know when it is time to get those teeth out.

Is wisdom teeth removal procedure painful? 

No, it shouldn’t. You will be given anaesthesia during wisdom teeth removal. You should feel only slight pressure at the surgical area but not any pain. If you feel pain, you should let your dentist know immediately that you are not completely numb. There are different variables for every patient. So make sure you do appropriate research and ask as many questions as you have to the dentist before getting ready for the removal of wisdom teeth Sydney.

Luckily, there are people who don’t have wisdom teeth at all. If you are one such, don’t worry. Some people don’t grow them.