Necessitates Wisdom Tooth Removal

People who have been to visit the dentist and harbour concerns about their wisdom tooth often wonder what necessitates its extraction. While severe cavities and even gum disease are the risks they pose; this write-up tells you exactly why most dentists suggest extraction to certain patients.

Impacted Teeth and Pain

If you are a perfect candidate for wisdom tooth removal in Sydney, your dentist will probably tell you that your teeth have been impacted. This is a scenario where the wisdom tooth is in part or even fully concealed underneath the gums. What ensues is pain when the teeth grow and mature under the gums effectively causing jaw ache.

A High Risk of Gum Disease

When the tooth grows under the gums, being trapped thus, there can be a higher risk of decay. Since there is no way to clean the tooth, it becomes the perfect site for bacteria to spawn. This can later result in the exceedingly painful gum disease, which is why doctors suggest that you opt for an extraction early on in instances of impact.

Teeth that Lean on Molars

Not all wisdom teeth grow straight, as some of them tend to leans on the neighbouring pearly whites. What happens is the tooth’s new roots latch on to the other teeth; this is when you may have a problem. The molar that are around this tooth will be affected by the impact. This is where a lot of crumbs and sticky bits of leftover food gets stuck breeding decay and serious cavities necessitating extraction. It can also accumulate a lot of plaque and lead to unhygienic mouth conditions that hamper the health of your surrounding pearly whites.

Nevertheless, before worrying about an extraction, it would be wise to see an experienced dentist about the condition of your wisdom teeth in Sydney.