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Are you going to get your dental implants Sydney? You will have many questions about taking care of the implants, what to eat after the dental implant procedure, etc. In this blog, we will help you with the food habitats you should be mindful of after the procedure.

Once your implants are placed, it will require up to six months to heal completely. This phase is when the implant fuses with the jawbone. A soft diet is usually recommended during this time, and after six months or. Once your implant site heals completely, your permanent teeth or crowns will be placed. After this, you can resume back to your regular diet.

Reasons to avoid certain foods during the healing phase:

The fake teeth:

Once the cheap dental implants in Sydney is placed, the dentist to not keep the site open will place fake teeth on the implant site. This is purely for temporary use, and once the implant heals, you will get your permanent restoration. These teeth are ideal for adjustment and fittings but cannot hold significant pressures like the actual crown. Chewy or hard food can cause these teeth to break down. After the healing phase, once the dentist places the permanent crown that can handle a much greater chewing force, you can get back to your regular food habits.

Healing dental implants Sydney:

Some foods, such as meat or others that need force to bite into, such as an apple, can impose too much pressure on the temporary teeth, as discussed above. In the healing phase, the teeth should not be subjected to such a more significant force. After the implant fully bonds to your jawbone, it will be ready to withstand the pressure of most foodstuff.


During the implant healing phase, the shape of your gum will transform slightly. Small gaps will be created between your gums and the temporary tooth. Small food pieces from what you eat are at the risk of getting stuck between this gap and causing infection. This can complicate your dental implant procedure, making you require additional treatments. Once the dental implants heal fully and fuses with your jawbone, it will likely remain strong, and the new tooth will be custom fitted without any gap.

Home care and oral hygiene after Dental Implants:

Caring for the affordable Dental Implants cost Sydney properly after the procedure is vital for proper healing and long-term stability of the implants. For the first few weeks after the surgery, use a soft bristle toothbrush and brush twice a day. Also, use lukewarm saltwater to flush water between the implant post and your gum tissues. This must be done after each meal and any other time you feel like doing so. Please note, the solution should barely taste of salt.