What Can I do to Make My Wisdom Teeth Heal Faster?

Image by Lolame from Pixabay

Most people develop their wisdom teeth during their adolescence or early adulthood. But, when this wisdom tooth grows up, people often experience oral health problems associated with it. This new set of teeth either causes the adjacent adult teeth to shift or gets impacted, resulting in aesthetic problems. To prevent these problems, most of them opt for cheap wisdom teeth removal Sydney.

In some patients the Wisdom teeth removal and recovery process is simple without many complications, when performed by an experienced oral surgeon who offers affordable wisdom teeth removal price Sydney. Whereas a few might experience some discomfort. But, there’s nothing to worry, even if difficulties pop up, it can be resolved without any long-term damage. Here are some tips to make your wisdom teeth heal faster as recommended by the expert dentists –

  • Plan ahead of your Surgery – You must prepare well ahead of your surgery. Discuss with your oral surgeon on what to expect during the wisdom teeth removal process and the wisdom teeth removal Sydney payment plan. Check out from your dentist on the list of guidelines to follow regarding the wisdom tooth extraction. You might have to take a few days off from work after the wisdom teeth removal process. Also, you might need someone to help you at home on the day after the procedure. So arrange for someone to spend the remaining day after the surgery with you. With all these details, prepare well in advance and head to the surgery.
  • Restrictions on Food – After the procedure you will have to stick to a diet comprising of liquids. Only gradually you can add solid foods to your diet, starting from light and soft foods like pudding. Refrain from hot and spicy foods for a few days. Avoid sipping from straws.
  • Relax – Don’t rush to your normal life as quickly as possible, as it might delay with the recovery process. Start things slowly. Take as much rest as you can. Even while resting, keep your head elevated with pillows. Avoid exercising or heavy lifting for a few days.
  • Open your Mouth – You might experience stiffness in mouth after the surgery. Due to which you might not feel like opening your mouth at all. But you must not do that, as stiffness can become permanent. So, slowly and gently open your mouth after the surgery.
  • Salt Water/ Tea Bags – Rinse your mouth with salt mixed in warm water, on the day of the wisdom teeth removal surgery. Rinse every time after eating or drinking something, as it will ease of the pain. In case, if you experience bleeding, gently place a piece of gauze on the area and bite it softly. You can switch over to damp tea bag to alleviate the pain.

Always listen to your oral surgeon who will give you necessary after care instructions. Make sure to follow them for a quick recovery.  Check with us for an affordable wisdom teeth removal price in Sydney.