Top Two Options for Replacing a Lost Tooth - Why is the Best?

If you’re missing a tooth, you’ve got several options. But, which is the best? The short answer is tooth implants in Sydney. However, people doubt why tooth implants are the best option for tooth replacement compared to all other options for replacing a lost tooth. Are you one among them, and confused to make a decision? To help you with this, in this blog, we have listed the top two options to replace missing teeth and the pros and cons of each option. With this, you can sure to make a final decision without confusion. As well, you will come to know why tooth implants in Sydney are the best alternation option for tooth replacement.

Why Consider Tooth Replacement?

A missing tooth or teeth can cause the slow shifting of your teeth into some of the empty spaces, affect the integrity of your jawbone, affect the ability to chew your food, and affect your speech. Yes, even the loss of a single tooth can have a big negative impact on your confidence and oral health. If this left inattention, and if it isn’t replaced, it may also develop some health issues. So, it is essential to get the issue fixed by the right tooth-replacement option as soon as possible.

Top Three Tooth Replacement Options

There are different treatments available for the cause of missing teeth. If you’re looking to replace a lost tooth and get your mouth’s overall appearance fixed, consider comparing these two tooth replacement options and choosing the best one.

Option 1: RPD (Removable Partial Denture)

RPD is a tooth replacement option that you can remove whenever you need it. The RPD will be made of artificial plastic tooth anchored, which mimics gum tissue.


  • Over time jawbone underneath may deteriorate
  • Overtime may not fit properly
  • Will have comfort and stability issue
  • Results in teeth becoming loose
  • Greater susceptibility for tooth decay and periodontal (gum) disease


  • Least expensive
  • Functional and Aesthetic

Dental Implant

Dental implant – replace the tooth root, and separately fashioned crown is attached, which act and function as the natural tooth. Since it is the permanent and effective tooth replacement solution, today’s gold standard for tooth replacement is the Sydney dental implants.


  • Little expensive than other option
  • It needs minor surgery and healing time


  • Low risk of periodontal (gum) disease
  • It won’t compromise the integrity of adjacent teeth
  • Stimulates the jaw bone to remodel and rebuild
  • Reliable, functional, Aesthetic like your other natural tooth.

Final Words

A missing tooth results from a genetic condition, severe tooth decay, injury, gum disease, and more. And it certainly changes the appearance of your smile. Are you looking to replace your missing tooth or teeth? Yes, there are a number of excellent options, among that dental implants is the best option to help restore your beautiful smile without any side effects. Don’t worry about the dental implants cost in Sydney, Dr Paulo Pinho offer dental implants just at $2,850.