Protect Your Teeth from Damage

Teeth are the precious pearls of the mouth. Irrespective of the advanced technology and innovation in the medical field, there is nothing that can truly compensate for the loss of these natural gems. By following a proper oral hygiene routine and keeping away from certain activities, individuals can enjoy great dental health for life.

Here is a list of tips from the oral surgeon in Sydney to protect these precious assets of the human body.

Avoid Snacking Throughout the Day

Some people have the habit of indulging with food throughout the day. This is an unhealthy practice that causes plaque and allows food debris to be deposited on the teeth for a prolonged period of time.

Avoid Carbonated Drinks

Oral surgeons in Sydney believe that the high sugar and acid content of carbonated drinks is the main reason behind dental decay in the younger age groups. Replace these drinks with healthier options like fresh fruit juices and milkshakes for long lasting teeth.

Keep Away From Sticky Candies

Gummy candies and jelly beans leave back residue between the crevices of the teeth thus causing paving way for serious dental damage. Children must be pushed to brush their teeth every time after consumption of such food items.

Quit Smoking

Smoking is injurious to the lungs as well as to the teeth. Smoking results in plaque build-up, discoloration of teeth and increases the chances of gum diseases.

Use Mouth Guard Always

People involved in sports activities like soccer, boxing or baseball must always wear their mouth guard to protect the teeth from unexpected accidents.