Tips for Choosing an Implant Dentist

While there are several benefits of dental implants, Sydney residents must do proper research before choosing a dentist for the task. There are many dentists who claim to have experience in implants without having any. To ensure the best for your teeth, ask the following questions to an implant dentist:

What Does The Dentist Specialise In?

The best type of dentist for implants is either an oral surgeon or Periodontist. Although general dentists can also perform implants, it is best to ask if the dentist is an implantologist, someone who specialises in dental implants.

Qualifications of the Dentist

Ask how much training the dentist has. Ask about specific courses completed, the year completed, and the professional associations awarding them. Check if the courses are credible and the associations legitimate.

Experience of the Dentist

A quality dental surgeon should be performing hundreds of dental implants per year. Ask how many years have they been doing the procedure and also the last time they did it.


A good dentist will have satisfied customers to show for it. You can either ask the dentist for references or you could do an online search for reviews. An established practice will be listed on places like Yelp, making it easier to see reviews. You can also ask for before and after photos to see for yourself the quality of the work.

Besides benefits, drawbacks and dental implant cost, Sydney residents should also check the credibility and skill of the dentist in order to ensure good oral health.