Invisible Braces

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Straightening the teeth used to be a big no for most people a few years ago. Though they wanted to get beautiful straight teeth, the oddly looking traditional braces with metal wires and brackets made them feel embarrassed, and it also causes some pain. However, thanks to dental technology advancements, it is now easy to get that perfect smile you always wanted with clear, correct invisible braces. Keep reading to know what sets this aligner apart from the competition.

Clear Correct invisible braces make straightening of teeth easy:

Unlike the traditional braces known for years, clear correct relies on custom made removable aligners to straighten teeth. During the treatment phase, you will wear each of your custom-made plastic aligners for at least 22 hours every day. You can remove them only while drinking, eating, and cleaning your teeth. Depending on the treatment plan suggested to you by your dentist, you will wear each of the aligners for one to three weeks as your teeth slowly move into their ideal positions.

Clear Correct is comfortable:

Clear correct braces have made teeth straightening comfortable than ever. It applies gentle and gradual pressure on your teeth. The method of approach will move teeth a few millimetres at each stage of the treatment. In addition, their advanced design ensures a comfortable fit in your mouth without causing any irritation or odd feeling like the metals and bracket.

Clear Correct invisible braces are barely noticeable:

One of the most significant advantages of clear correct braces for straightening teeth is that it is barely noticeable. This is one reason why most teenagers choose this procedure to get their teeth straightened. Moreover, as clear correct uses the most advanced manufacturing techniques and highest quality plastic, the aligners are designed to be barely noticeable.

Clear correct is better for oral hygiene than traditional Braces:

The metal wires and brackets that are used with traditional braces makes cleaning your teeth probably impossible. However, with clear correct, you can remove your aligner each time you eat or drink. You can also remove them while flossing and brushing your teeth. All you need to be mindful of is that you rinse your mouth, brush, and the aligners before putting the aligner back in the teeth. When you maintain them clean, they can help you take better care of your teeth.

Clear Correct braces are environmentally friendly:

Besides being BPA free and safe, affordable Clear Correct invisible braces cost is also eco-friendly. They are made out of recyclable materials during the manufacturing and packaging process. They are specially formulated with high-quality materials to make them stain, crack, and stress-resistant while also providing excellent clarity, so they are nearly invisible.