wisdom teeth removal is unavoidable

A lot of people choose to avoid elective surgery such as wisdom teeth extraction even when it is advised by the dentist. If you like to brave the odds or tempt fate, you should know that there are certain unavoidable circumstances that force your hand. Get acquainted with a few of the inescapable situations that mandate Sydney wisdom teeth removal.

Should you experience any of these conditions, you need to know that extraction is your best bet.

Excessively Swollen Gums

  • You will be experiencing a great degree of inflammation. Far from normal, this will hamper your oral hygiene as your gums will be sensitive to the touch rendering you unable to brush.
  • This type of swelling naturally brings forth cleaning hassles, which is what allows food particles to get wedged between your teeth. The ideal site for damaging cavities, this can lead to irreparable molar damage. A simple extraction can bring down the swelling and ensure that your molar remain cavity-free.

The Formation of Cysts

  • At times when a wisdom tooth erupts from your gums, there is some extent of harm caused to your jaw plate. Cysts are created surrounding the wisdom tooth that can further cause harm to your nerve-endings and jaw.

The Risk of Ruining Teeth Alignment

  • If the dentist informs you that your wisdom teeth have impacted, then you can expect some damage to teeth alignment. People who have undergone procedures to straighten their pearly whites, installed bridges or dentures must opt for extraction.
  • If avoided, the impacted teeth can ruin the alignment efforts made by Invisalign, metal braces or simply crowd the implants.

While these situations necessitate wisdom tooth removal in Sydney, not every patient is the perfect candidate for the procedure. It is the tooth’s position, age of the person and other fitness factors that influence the dentist’s decision about permitting extraction.