dental implant

Losing a tooth can be both embracing and painful. However, you are not forced to live with that gap in your smile for a lifetime. There are many reasons for losing a tooth which includes accidental damage, decay, infection or more. Advancement in dental technologies from the past has made dental implants a golden standard of care for modern tooth replacement. They are a permanent solution where a prosthetic tooth root is anchored directly into the jaw. A dental implant has gained the name golden standard of teeth placement as they look and function just like natural teeth.

What are the advantages of dental implants over bridges?

Single tooth dental implants provide so many benefits when compared to other tooth options.

  • Besides functioning and looking like your natural tooth, a dental implant replaces the missed tooth without sacrificing the health of adjacent teeth. Decades ago the standard treatment for fixing a lost tooth where tooth supported bridges that require support from the adjacent teeth which resulted in grounding them down to support the cemented bridge.
  • As affordable dental implants cost replace not just the tooth but its root as well, it preserves the jawbone. When a bridge is placed, the surrounding jawbone starts to resorb as they are not stimulated further. However, dental implants integrate with the bones helping them to remain intact and healthy.
  • As time passes, in the long run, a single tooth implant becomes more aesthetic and easier to keep when compared to dental bridges.
  • Also, the gum tissues around a bridge start to recede leaving a visible defect as the metal base or collar gets exposed. Resorbed bone beneath the bridges can result in an unattractive smile. Besides, the cement that holds the bridge in place washes out, allowing bacteria to accumulate and decay the teeth which are ground to support the bridge.

How is a single tooth implant placed?

Initially, the implant that looks like a cylinder or screw is inserted into your Jaw. Over time, the implant and the bone fuse together, forming an anchor for the artificial tooth.

This artificial tooth mounted over the crown is what looks like your natural teeth. During the healing and fusing period, temporary tooth replacement will be fixed by your dentist so that you do not go even one day with a gap in your mouth after you choose dental implant.

The second step of the method is to reveal the implant and attach an addition. The extension is nothing but a temporary healing cap which completes the foundation of your new tooth.

After a couple of weeks, once the implant site heals, the replacement tooth also called the crown, created by your dentist to match your natural teeth will be mounted to the post called an abutment.

In a short time, once you are comfortable with the dental implants Sydney, you will feel confident with your restored teeth gaining back your smile and the ability to speak and eat.

Dental implants look and feel so natural that you may even forget you ever lost a tooth!