Dental Implant Procedures

In recent times, wisdom teeth removal has become a common procedure but recovering from the trauma is not easy. It is important to follow the aftercare instructions carefully to get cured properly and avoid any future difficulties. After the recovery time your mouth feels normal again and you are free to resume your regular work.

You will not experience any pain during the wisdom teeth extraction process because of the administration of anaesthesia. However, during the recovery time your mouth may become invalid and agonising. Wisdom teeth are present near the molars and thus it is better to avoid foods that require chewing and gnawing after removing it. Here are some of the major food habits to avoid in your recovery diet,

  • Any foods that makes loud noise when bitten or crushed such as pastries, chips, cereals, raw vegetables and fruits etc. These foods need to be chewed properly and their solid remains can get trapped in the treated area, resulting in infection.
  • Conventional formation of blood clot is essential to arrest bleeding. Therefore, do not drink spicy and hot beverages as they can cause irritation and decrease in blood clot formation. Aerated drinks should also be avoided as the presence of bubbles and acids can easily displace blood clots.
  • Small foods like edible seeds and rice grains can get lodged in the gap and cause gum infection.
  • It is necessary to give up smoking during the recovery time. The inhaling smoke can affect the blood clot formation very badly.
  • It is harmful and toxic to consume alcohol when you are still taking prescribed medications for speeding the recovery.
  • Vinegar and sweeteners have acidic properties that are capable of worsening your pain and affecting blood clot formation.

Diet plan

Though it is required to avoid particular foods, having healthy and fulfilling meals are also important. Foods play an important role in the recovering your body to its normal functioning.


You can have instant oatmeal or soft scrambled eggs. Adding a chilled glass of your favourite milkshake is the best way to please your mouth at the start of the day.


Devour noodle or chicken cream soup along with soft bread for your mid-day meal. The menu can also contain Jell-O pudding, cottage cheese and ice-cream. Make sure that the ice-cream is plain without nuts or chocolate chips.

Evening snack

Healthy foods like flavoured yogurts, applesauce and Soft-ripened fruits like banana, avocado, litchi etc. make a satisfying snack.


At the end of the day, eat thoroughly cooked pasta, roasted fish fillet and mashed potatoes for dinner. Then have a tasty Choco cheesecake dessert and take rest.

Other than this, rinse your mouth regularly in between meals to keep your mouth clean.