Recovery Tips for Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth removal at the right time is essential to avoid further complications in oral health. The procedure involved is painful and demands sufficient preparation to sail through the recovery process easily. Here are some important tips that help patients to handle the consequences of wisdom teeth removal in Sydney.

Pay Attention to Oral Hygiene

After wisdom teeth removal, the patient must ensure that the mouth is kept clean at all times. A mild mouthwash maybe used until the patient gets comfortable with using a brush. Brushing techniques must be adjusted to avoid too much pressure on the affected area.

Take Ample Rest for Minimal Bleeding

The first 24 hours after the surgery must be marked by complete rest. Any activity that increases the blood pressure of the patient or over usage of aspirin may enhance bleeding. Ice packs can be used to bring down and swelling and patients must rest with their head at an elevated angle.

Dry Sockets Must Be Avoided

A common issue with wisdom teeth removal Sydney is dry sockets. This condition occurs when protective blood clots fail to form or settle over the empty socket. To avoid the pain of dry sockets patients must keep away from smoking, using straws or any activity that requires sucking for few days after the surgery.

Avoid Intense Work after Surgery

Patients who undergo wisdom teeth removal usually return back to their normal routine within a week. However strenuous tasks like gym work-outs and lifting heavy objects must be avoided to enable speedy recovery.