Pain Management Methods Offered During Wisdom Tooth Extraction

It is not unusual for people to be anxious about dental treatments. The possibility of experiencing stinging or discomfort prompts patients to put off surgery, when they cannot do without one. The truth is that dentists employ some truly exceptional pain management methods during surgery. They ensure that you have a painless procedure and eliminate all possible tooth trouble. Read on to know about your pain management options.

Using Laughing Gas

Breathing in nitrous oxide lets people be awake and responsive during the procedure. Although there is no ache, patients can feel slight vibrations while their tooth is being extracted. They may also experience a light pressure when the dental surgeon in Sydney presses down on the site of extraction. However, the laughing gas does take away most of the nervousness about the procedure leaving the patient feeling at ease.

Opting for Local Anaesthesia

Patients are allotted medication to consume prior to the appointment and they must also fast for a few hours before the procedure. Local anaesthesia ensures that your mouth is numbed and that you are asleep during surgery. After surgery effects include disorientation and no memory of the extraction. The individual will also need a family member or friend’s assistance on the trip home after the procedure.

When you visit an oral surgeon in Sydney and talk about your options, you are usually given a choice to opt for local anaesthesia or laughing gas. While both manage pain, you can make your decision based on whether you wish to watch as your teeth are extracted.