Trips to the dentist for teeth whitening are a necessary part of modern life. A wide, white, sparkling smile has the effect of brightening up your entire presentation and gives you a healthy glow.

These tips on helping keep your teeth white naturally are a great supplement for your visits to us and will help to keep you shining bright and white in-between treatments.

Natural Teeth Whitening Tip #1: Broccoli

Dr Pinho notes that broccoli are a great mix of soft bristles (that won’t get stuck in your teeth) and are shaped in such a way that they actually aide in scrubbing plaque off your teeth when you chew them!

Natural Teeth Whitening Tip #2: Strawberries

Although these delicious treats are red in colour, they act as natural astringent which helps to break down discolouration on the tooth.

Natural Teeth Whitening Tip #3: Nuts and pods

Protein rich and with enough rough edges to rub your teeth the right way, nuts and pods (like pumpkin seeds) act as a natural abrasive on the surface of teeth acting as a gentle exfoliant.

Natural Teeth Whitening Tip #4: Apples

That crisp, crunchy crack you hear when biting into a fresh apple is one that has a myriad of benefits for your teeth. From increasing saliva (and the knock on effect of decreasing bacteria) due to their high water content, to the strengthening of your gums as the teeth process the bites these are a super snack for your teeth!

Natural Teeth Whitening Tip #5: Baking Soda

Baking soda is a mild abrasive and can be an awesome substitute for toothpaste to give your teeth a break from your regular routine. The texture is perfect for rubbing off plaque.

Natural Teeth Whitening Tip #6: Cheese

Light in colour and high in calcium, cheese is a perfect combination for keeping your teeth stain-free and strong.