Low cost for wisdom teeth removal

Are you experiencing pain at the rear of your mouth? Then, your wisdom teeth might be erupting improperly. Today, wisdom teeth removal has become the most common procedure in Australia due to increasing number of people opting for it. Depending on the complexity of the method, the cost of wisdom teeth removal in Sydney varies. So, it would be difficult to provide an accurate estimate without understanding the specific situation.

Costs of Wisdom Teeth Removal in Sydney

The wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney falls into different categories depending on the number of teeth to be removed.

The cost of removing a single tooth may cost anywhere between $150 and $350. The cost of simple wisdom teeth removal with no complexities is between $225 and $250. For wisdom teeth removal procedures that involve significant complexities, the cost is between $250 and $375.

Local or General Anaesthesia

Dental offices in Australia perform wisdom teeth removal under local anaesthesia or IV sedation or general anaesthetic. This incurs additional hospital or anaesthetics fees. However, if you have a private hospital cover, it will likely cost you nothing out of pocket.

Financing and Payment Plans

With an aim to make oral surgery affordable and accessible to everyone, some dentist offer discounted dental plans. These plans can be discussed during an initial consultation with your dentist.

Other Costs Associated with Wisdom Teeth Removal

In fact, the actual procedure of wisdom teeth removal amounts only less than 50% of the total wisdom teeth removal costs. Based on the dental office and the dentist you choose, the associated costs vary.

Some dental offices perform initial consultation for free or at the cost of $100 or $200. Before performing wisdom teeth surgery, the dentist will take an X-ray to analyse the complexity of the issue. The cost of taking X-rays may add an additional charge of $25 to $250. The usage of local or general anaesthesia increases the total cost of wisdom teeth removal by $300 and $500 respectively.

Other additional costs incurred to the total cost of wisdom teeth removal in Sydney include the cost for aftercare, prescriptions, and potential lost work.

Tips to Save Money on Wisdom Tooth Removal

  • Depending on your area of location and other factors, the government may or may not cover the costs for wisdom teeth removal. Wisdom teeth removal is not considered necessary, but its adoption rate has made states to offer help through Medicaid.
  • A great way to find cheap wisdom teeth removal in Sydney is getting the right dental insurance. Based on the plan and requirements of the procedure, dental insurance may cover up to 80%of the costs.
  • Sign up for a discounted dental plan to get access to discount pricing on whatever procedures are a part of the plan.
  • Visit dental schools to get the procedure done and reduce the cost of the treatment process.

The Bottom Line

Implement the above tips to save a large portion off of your dental bill that can otherwise get out of hand.