Is Wisdom Teeth Removal Mandatory? Here’s Your Answer

Photo by Quang Tri NGUYEN on Unsplash

When a wisdom tooth has a hard time erupting from the gums due to lack of space in your mouth, it impacts the surrounding teeth and cause extreme pain. Wisdom teeth problems can also contribute to other issues such as sinus headaches, cavities and more. But not everyone experiences discomfort and pain with wisdom teeth. So, if you don’t have any problem with wisdom teeth, should you still remove it? Read this guide from a wisdom teeth removal Sydney expert to know more:

When Should You NOT Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth removal is not mandatory for all. The 3rd and final set of molars usually arrive during the late teens. By this time, your adult teeth will be fully developed, thus leaving no room for your wisdom teeth to properly grow. This is when you experience pain. However, there are cases when the wisdom teeth can easily erupt and develop without problems.

You don’t have to remove your wisdom teeth in the following cases:

  • The wisdom tooth is positioned in the right way and is not affecting the surrounding teeth
  • You can clean the tooth easily by brushing and flossing
  • It is fully erupted and healthy

When Should You Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Your wisdom tooth has to be removed when it affects the health of its neighbouring teeth. This could happen when it doesn’t have enough space to grow and is not properly erupted. In this case, the wisdom teeth could grow at different angles and cause crowding of teeth.

Here are some cases for which wisdom teeth removal in Sydney is required:

  • The tooth is trapped within the jaw and causes infection.
  • It is not fully erupted through the gums, thus causing gum disease and infection
  • It is erupted fully, but grows at an angle and impacts the adjacent teeth

By consulting with an expert offering cheap wisdom teeth removal in Sydney, you will know if they must be removed or not. If there’s a possibility that the wisdom tooth will be impacted, the dental professional will recommend removing it as soon as possible.

Reasons to Remove Impacted Wisdom Teeth:

An impacted wisdom tooth can cause damage to your surrounding teeth. It also leads to a myriad of problems including overcrowding, tooth pain, and bite issues.

  • Impacted wisdom tooth can deteriorate the jaw bone
  • A wisdom tooth that is not properly erupted causes sinus problems, including sinus congestion and pain.
  • When wisdom tooth grows at an angle, it can cause gum inflammation. Swollen gums are not easy to clean, which leads to other problems such as tooth decay and cavities.

If you experience pain at the back of your mouth, it is likely due to the impacted wisdom tooth. Get in touch with an experienced dental expert, if you need to know how much does wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney. The expert can assess the condition and provide the right guidance for you.