wisdom teeth removal

At some point of time, you will find it necessary to remove the wisdom teeth. Also known as ‘third molars’, wisdom tooth erupts when an individual is between 17-25 years of age. The development of wisdom tooth may cause a lot of complications. People mostly have 4 wisdom teeth having one in each corner. If there are complications and problems, the wisdom tooth has to be extracted. This complication may result from impaction. If there is not enough space in your jaws in order to accommodate the wisdom tooth, there will be pain. Apart from impaction, there may be several other problems. Shifting of other teeth, misalignment of teeth can cause a tooth ache, necessitating the need for removing the wisdom teeth. For wisdom teeth removal, you must approach an expert. For an impacted tooth removal, you may get in touch with maxillofacial surgeon or an oral surgeon and specialist. When you approach the tooth surgeon, enquire about the wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney. The cost of removing wisdom tooth depends on the procedure adopted for the removal.

The cost of removing a single wisdom tooth

If the wisdom tooth needs to be extracted in a simple manner with the use of local anesthetic, the cost will come around to $100-$200 per tooth. If 4 of your wisdom teeth need to be removed with non-surgical procedure, the cost will be $400-$800 for four teeth.

The cost of removing impacted tooth

If there is an instance of impacted wisdom teeth, you need to consider wisdom teeth removal Sydney. If local anesthetic is to be used for removing an impacted tooth, the cost can come around to $225-$600. In case, nitrous oxide is to be used to relax the patient, an additional cost of $50-$80 needs to be borne. When it comes to the price of tooth removal, the kind of impaction influences the price. If the impaction is just of soft tissue, it will cost you the least.

Dental insurance is the viable option

If you have dental insurance, it can cover 20% of the cost. Some of the dental plans prove very handy and useful as they offer the coverage of $1000-$2000 annually. A single impacted tooth removal can cost $300-$600 if you do not hold insurance.

Avail a package deal

For the ones who wish for cheap wisdom teeth removal Sydney, they can consider taking a package for the removal of all 4 teeth. Most of the oral surgeons and dentists offer package deal for extracting 4 teeth. Apart from this, there are many regions offering tooth removal services at cheaper rates. The best would be to compare the price rates among the dental clinics.

So, if you have impacted tooth, you can get that removed in a hospital or an office. The process is easy and does not consume much time.