wisdom teeth removal in Sydney

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With all the teeth you have, wisdom teeth may seem like an afterthought. However, not everyone has them, and if you do have them, it’s important to take care of them so that they don’t cause you any issues later on in life. If you’re thinking about wisdom teeth removal Sydney, here are five reasons why that would be a smart decision to make.

Increased Risk of Gum Disease

People with missing teeth are more prone to gum disease. If you’re having a wisdom tooth, removing it will help decrease your risk of gum disease in that area and help maintain good oral health. Gum disease is painful and can eventually cause your gums to pull away from your teeth. Wisdom teeth removal Sydney helps eliminate these issues before they arise.

Toothache, Tooth Decay and Tooth Loss

An impacted wisdom tooth can irritate and inflame surrounding gums, which over time can cause gum disease and decay. Impacted Wisdom Teeth Sydney are three times more likely than their healthy counterparts to become infected or diseased. If a tooth is so bad that it needs to be removed, then chances are that several other teeth will also have to be removed as well.

Bad Breath

You might be thinking about your breath multiple times a day. Thanks to our food choices and eating habits. But bad breath doesn’t have to be a part of our everyday lives, and if it is, it could mean there’s an underlying problem. Bad breath could be caused by swollen tissue around wisdom teeth; it may also be a sign of gum disease or bacteria build up that requires oral surgery.

Impact on Other Teeth

The idea that your wisdom teeth should be removed comes from a very simple idea: If something interferes with one of your teeth, then it’s probably interfering with other teeth, too. And if it interferes with all of your teeth, you should remove it. That’s because impacted wisdom teeth can cause tooth decay in other areas of your mouth by crowding out other teeth and pushing them out of position.

Impact on Facial Development

When wisdom teeth are impacted, they don’t come in right. This can lead to distorted facial development and a range of problems, including blocked sinuses, chronically swollen cheeks and jaws, gum disease and cavities. If you have four wisdom teeth that aren’t coming in correctly or if they’re causing trouble now, it might be time for a visit with your dentist. The dentist can remove them safely and quickly with local anaesthesia.

As you see, having impacted wisdom teeth can take a toll on your dental health. When it comes to your dental health, wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney shouldn’t be a major concern. So, get them removed ASAP. Many dental clinics offer flexible payments with less or no interest. Please speak to your dentist and know your payment options.