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Having missing teeth can impact your confidence, your ability to eat and speak, and even how others perceive you. But don’t worry! Replacing the missing teeth will give you back the smile you want and deserve, along with many other benefits that may surprise you. Here’s why you need to consider replacing your missing teeth.

Healthy Appearance

A missing tooth is distracting and can make your smile seem uneven. When a patient is missing one or more teeth, Sydney dental implants provide an aesthetically pleasing solution that replaces their tooth without impacting adjacent teeth. Because they are so small, dental implants are also easy to keep clean and require very little maintenance over time. Additionally, they do not interfere with facial muscles like dentures do; as a result, patients often see an improvement in how their face looks after restoring their smile with cheap dental implants Sydney.

Preserve Other Natural Teeth

When you’re missing a tooth, your other teeth are under additional stress. One problem is that they have to carry more weight, putting them at greater risk for decay and damage. Another issue is that when one tooth is missing, you can’t chew as effectively. This means you can’t eat as much or as well and since chewing food breaks it down into smaller particles, any given portion provides less nutrients than it would if you were able to chew more thoroughly.

Keep Your Jawbone and Face from Sagging

When you don’t have enough teeth, your facial muscles are forced to adapt. If you’re missing teeth and you look older than your age, it could be because those jaw muscles are working harder than they should, and that extra effort can cause them to start sagging over time.

Prevent Gum Disease and Cavities

If you’re missing teeth, it can be hard to keep your mouth clean. When plaque and food build up in these areas, bacteria have a chance to grow. These bacteria have been linked to serious health conditions such as heart disease and stroke, so it’s important that you regularly visit your dentist if you’re missing teeth. You may also want to consider getting tooth implants Sydney, which replace lost teeth and keep your mouth germ-free.

Avoid Further Damage from Tooth Decay

Without a natural barrier to protect your teeth, plaque and bacteria can collect on teeth that have already been damaged. Your teeth are often at risk for further decay. When you replace missing teeth, you’re protecting them from further damage, including stains or cavities. It’s important to replace missing teeth if they have been damaged by tooth decay so that they won’t become even more fragile or get knocked out accidentally.

A missing tooth should never be ignored. With so many good reasons, it’s a good idea to replace missing teeth as early as possible. For further queries on Sydney dental implants or scheduling an appointment, please call us. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.