Pain Management after Wisdom Teeth Removal

Picture this scenario. You’ve just had a wisdom tooth removed a few hours back. It’s the middle of the night now, and you have woken up from your sleep by a throbbing tooth ache. Going to your dentist at this hour is out of the question. So what are you going to do? If you’ve ever faced this situation, you know how horrible it can be. But fortunately, there are a few things you can find right in your kitchen that can help you deal with your toothache.

1. Clove

Clove can substantially reduce pain resulting from wisdom tooth removal in Sydney. Clove contains a chemical called Eugenol which acts as a sort of natural anaesthetic. You can use a couple of cloves, or use them in their powder form or even use clove oil to alleviate the pain. Just place it in your mouth for a few minutes and the Eugenol will start making the area numb. However, avoid using clove if you’re allergic to Eugenol.

2. Onion

Onions contain phytochemicals that are capable of killing infection causing germs in your mouth. And the more pungent an onion is, the better it is at killing germs. If you have an ache in your wisdom teeth in Sydney, just chew a raw slice of onion and let its juices alleviate the pain.

3. Garlic

Garlic contains a compound called Thiacremonone which can reduce inflammatory response in the human body. Besides this compound, garlic also has antioxidant properties which reduce swelling and give relief from pain.

These home remedies are only a temporary solution and any abnormal pain post the removal must be reported to the dentist.