Everyone’s not so capable of handling emergencies by themselves, especially when they are suffering from antagonising pains. In these cases, an emergency dentist in Sydney is the one you obviously need to contact. Be sure to have your dentist’s number with you at all times. Once you contact your dentist, how will you manage through until he/she shows up for treatment? The following guide will let you know how.

  • Knocked-Out Tooth: This dental emergency requires immediate treatment. In this case, pick up tooth by its top without touching the roots. Rinse it off gently & gently place it back if possible & hold it gently.
  • Loosened Teeth: If you have loose teeth, call your dentist right away. You could also try to put back in its position and apply light pressure.
  • Tissue Injury: Any sort of facial injuries such as lacerations and tears to the lips, mouth, teeth or cheek, are considered as tissue injuries as well as a dental emergency. In this case, wash the affected area with warm water. Do NOT take aspirin or ibuprofen for dental emergencies as they can cause excessive bleeding.
  • Fractured teeth: Fractured or cracked teeth are a serious issue. Fractured teeth usually involves damage occurred inside and outside tooth. Contact your emergency dentist in Sydney immediately in this phenomenon & take the following precautions – Clean your mouth with warm water gently & take acetaminophen to alleviate pain. Do not take painkillers as it can burn gum tissue. If the fracture is due to facial trauma, apply cold compress to the area to prevent swelling.

One must be prepared for emergency at all times, as its occurrence is uncertain. Take the aforesaid precautions that can help you survive through the time up until you can get to your dentist.