Teeth Removal

In spite of the several advances in dentistry, the process of wisdom teeth removal is still plagued by a number of myths. From wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney to predicting the right age for the surgery, the process demands clarity in a number of aspects.

Four such common myths about wisdom teeth removal are busted below.

Myth 1: Wisdom Teeth Removal Must Be Done at the Adolescent Stage Only

There are no studies to support this statement. While age has a minimal impact on the procedure, symptomatic teeth causing infection and pain must be removed immediately irrespective of the patient’s age.

Myth 1: All Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgeries Are Expensive

The wisdom teeth removal Sydney cost depends upon a number of factors such as intensity of the infection, position of the impacted tooth as well as the location of the dental surgeon. Affordable surgeons with flexible payment plans are a good option to avail the treatment.

Myth 3: There are no Risks Involved in the Removal Process

Like any other surgical procedure, wisdom teeth removal may also result in a number of complications if treated inappropriately. Care must be taken to ensure that all post-operative instructions provided by the dental clinic are adhered to strictly.

Myth 4: People can afford to Live Their Life with Infected Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth removal is absolutely necessary as research reveals that bacteria that thrive around infected wisdom teeth can contribute considerably to a number serious risks like heart diseases, kidney problems and diabetes. Wisdom teeth removal is also essential to save a person from a lifetime of painful visits to the dental clinic.