tooth implant

Tooth implant treatments are the most permanent solution for missing teeth. However some misconceptions about the treatment have caused fear and inhibition among patients seeking dental care. Read on to find out some important facts about tooth implant treatment in Sydney.

Tooth implants are very painful

Not true! Tooth implants come with almost zilch pain. Some patients pass through the treatment even without the aid of painkillers. While a very minimal amount of swelling and bleeding may persist, there is nothing much to worry about pain as far as teeth implants in Sydney are concerned. Any abnormal increase in the pain level must therefore be reported immediately

Tooth implants demand too much time

Dental care providers can offer teeth plants with temporary crown after extraction on the very same day. The porcelain crown is then placed after a period of 3-4 months. In some cases where the implant cannot be fixed immediately, temporary tooth is supplied and patients do not have to walk around toothless!

Tooth implants exert too much pressure on the nerves

Implant specialists use CT scans and other techniques to ensure that the measurements of the available bone are taken accurately. The length and diameter of the bone are matched with the implant to ensure there is absolutely no pressure on the nerves.

Tooth implants often result in infections

Not true at all! Proper oral hygiene after the implant procedure ensures 100% safety from infection. Use of lukewarm water with a pinch of salt is recommended for double protection.