Tooth Implant

The loss of tooth may be from an intense game of rugby or due to unprecedented love for chocolates. In any case tooth implant in Sydney is the most recommended option for replacing the lost asset. Implants are expensive and are also difficult to understand. Once the dentist recommends a dental implant, the following five questions prepare the patient for better handling of the procedure.

Do I Really Need The Implants?

Dental implants have a high success rate and have become very common among people of all ages. However it is not a bad idea to consider other options like bridges, dentures or a root canal therapy. Dentists will be in a good position to explain why the patient needs a dental implant and the benefits of the process.

How Experienced Is The Dentist With Implants?

Patients feel more confident and relaxed while working with clinics that specialise in dental implants. It is therefore important to learn about the experience of the dentist and the technology available in the clinic for complex cases of teeth implants in Sydney.

What are The Implications of Any Prior Medical Issues?

Dental care is directly or indirectly related to other health factors like blood pressure, insulin levels and other lifestyle habits like smoking. It is recommended that patients discuss these issues with the dentist well in advance and understand the implications on the treatment.

Does my Insurance Cover The Implant Procedure?

Insurance coverage varies from one person to another and also depends upon the process involved. The materials used, complexity of the process, involvement of a specialist are some factors that affect insurance coverage. It is therefore recommended to check in detail with your provider well before the procedure.