Wisdom teeth removal in Sydney

Wisdom teeth removal is not a simple action to be taken. Even the decision about the surgery is not straight forward action. Should it be taken out? What to expect? In this short article, you will find out the basic and most important facts about it.

The wisdom teeth usually start growing between the age of 17 to 25 years old. They can be seen mostly on X-ray scan. If they do appear and grow, there might be several reasons to have them extracted.

The Reasons for Extraction

The first reason is they do not grow straight or may be trapped in your gums. This is a painful condition. The second reason is some people appear to have small mouth space. The teeth do not fit in. Another reason is cavities, as you may not clean them with a toothbrush. They are further back in your mouth.

Considering the Surgery

Your dental surgeon will explain in detail, what to expect and how the whole process will be done.

At this point, it is of utmost importance to inform about all your potential health issue problems or drugs you might take.

Very important for the problem-free flow of the surgery is which type of anaesthesia you will choose. And if you are a student or employed, it is best to take some day offs to recover afterward.

The Surgery

The usual wisdom teeth removal takes approximately 45 minutes. Your anaesthesia will be put in work, a local one just to numb your gums. Even using laughing gas to breathe in may help with relaxation.

If it is expected the surgery to be more complex or to take longer, IV sedation may be applied. The anaesthesiologist injects drugs through one of your veins. This type of anaesthesia puts you to sleep during the wisdom teeth removal surgery.

The general anaesthesia is chosen in cases when there is a concern the patient does not accept well stress or anxiety about surgery taken. In this case, you will be asleep through the whole process and only wake up a few hours after it is done.

The Time After the Surgery

Depending on the type of anaesthesia you have got, it could take up to several hours after the surgery to become alert and awaken. If just the local anaesthesia was applied, and you are feeling fine afterward, you might be able to drive home. You will usually experience swelling for up to 3 days, and very minor to no pain.

To get well quickly, follow your dentist’s advice like putting an ice pack on the swollen spot, drink a lot of liquids, eating only soft and blended food, taking pain killer drugs if prescribed and necessary.

The wisdom teeth removal cost may be higher than expected due to the anaesthesia chosen. It is advised to avoid the following harmful habits: smoking, eating immediately regular hard food, drinking through a straw and by doing so, you will be back to your normal self in no time.