Factors that Affect Cost of Wisdom teeth Removal

Removal of wisdom teeth is a painful and an expensive affair. In order to obtain the best possible service, patients must primarily understand the various factors that influence the wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney.

The Type of Extraction

Wisdom tooth removal may be of two types, soft tissue extraction and hard tissue extraction. When the tooth is deeply embedded into the jaw bone, the removal process becomes complicated and the more expensive hard tissue extraction method must be employed.

The Condition of the Wisdom Tooth

The location and level of damage already incurred to the tooth directly impacts wisdom teeth removal Sydney cost. For instance, teeth located very close to the main veins may demand specialist surgeons. Also removal of chipped or impacted teeth cost much higher than the normal ones. Removal of the wisdom tooth at a younger age when the tooth has not attained its complete growth avoids chances of further complications and the resultant expenses.

Choice of Dental Surgeon

Choosing a surgeon covered under the same insurance provider helps control extraction expenses considerably. Surgeons located in remote areas charge more due to lower accessibility of resources than the ones in bigger cities.

Other Overhead Costs

Wisdom teeth extraction is generally considered a simple process performed with local anaesthesia. However in some cases where the damage is greater, dental x-rays, general anaesthesia, or CT scan of the jaw is required. These additional requirements add to the cost of the removal process substantially.