wisdom teeth removal in Sydney

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Wisdom teeth problems are one of the most frequently asked dental questions. Here we shall discuss wisdom teeth and its extraction. The more you research and know about these teeth before undergoing cheap wisdom teeth removal, the more you can be prepared for it. These teeth cause a lot of problems for people. In Australia, impacted wisdom teeth comprise 37% of all hospitalisations approximately.

Everything about your Wisdom Teeth:

Generally, human beings have 32 teeth in their mouth. There are different teeth in our mouth, namely incisors, premolars, canines, and molars. The molars are the large flat teeth located at the back of the mouth that are used for crushing the food we eat. The furthest back teeth that usually are the last set of teeth to erupt are called wisdom teeth.

The wisdom teeth don’t erupt through our gums until much later than other permanent teeth, and they erupt during late teens or early adulthood. Whether these teeth cause pain or require removal is entirely based on the size of your jaw and mouth well as the position and size of the erupting tooth. There are cases where people do have all their four wisdom teeth, while some people lacking space in their mouth would require removing some or all of their wisdom teeth.

The third molars are believed to have served as additional molars during the pre-agriculture age for chewing. The rise of agriculture has made chewing and eating much easier since the food is more calorie-dense and soft. This has led to a smaller jaw, and most of us having less space for the wisdom teeth to erupt.

Wisdom Teeth Removal:

People who have no sufficient room in their mouth might want to get wisdom teeth removal by a dentist. In case the wisdom tooth is not extracted, they can possibly cause cavities, shifting of teeth, and bite problems. Wisdom teeth removal is done generally under anaesthesia to reduce any discomfort or pain during the procedure. You should feel free to discuss with your dentist about your comfort level with the anaesthesia options. Due to sedation and pain, it is advised you are accompanied by a family member or a friend to drive you back home after the surgical procedure.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedure:

Wisdom teeth removal process includes numbing the area around the wisdom teeth that has to be removed. Then an incision is made around the tooth in the gums. Then the bone around the wisdom tooth is removed, and the tooth is broken down into sections and removed in pieces.

Wisdom teeth removal price Sydney:

If the fear of wisdom teeth removal cost hinders you from visiting your dentist, you don’t have to worry. There are wisdom teeth removal Sydney payment plan offered by dental clinics to make sure everyone gets the best oral care they deserve.  According to research, almost 80% of the total expenditure is met through different payment plans. Besides, the wisdom teeth removal price Sydney is much affordable. However, it varies with some factors like the type of anaesthesia and the position of the teeth.