Disadvantages of Dental Implants

Dental implants can be very beneficial for people who have acute tooth or gum problems and may need extraction very frequently. Instead of waiting for all teeth to be damaged and then going for extraction, it is best to replace one tooth with dental implant so that surrounding teeth do not get damaged. However, before considering dental implants, Sydney residents must know that they have both benefits and drawbacks. Some of the major drawbacks of dental implants are:

Dental implants require a minor surgical procedure to be fitted in the gums. If you suffer from chronic cardiac disease, diabetes, or any such conditions, you must inform the dentist so that proper care can be taken to ensure a complication-free surgical procedure. Many appointments may be required to provide the final restorative outcome.

Although they are longer lasting, implants can be expensive compared to other forms of tooth replacement. Do make sure if and how much your insurance will cover.

Due to lack of shock-absorbers within dental implants, fractures of crowns and bridges are more common than in the case of natural teeth crowns.

Patients must know that implants are not for life and will require maintenance, as in the case of natural teeth. Failing proper care or if placed in patients with untreated gum problems, implants can suffer from gum disease.

For dental implants, Sydney and most other countries of the world have reputable clinics that can offer you the best advice and treatment. But thorough research and care must be taken before any decision as dental implants can affect your overall oral health.