How Removal of Wisdom Teeth Benefits Your Health

Dental implant is an attractive alternative to your removable dentures. Since the implants are permanent, you can care for them just like your regular teeth. You can also smile, speak, and chew your favourite food without any discomfort, knowing that your dental implants are firmly in place. One downside is that the insurance companies don’t always cover the cost of dental implants in Sydney because many consider them as a cosmetic procedure.

Since the people of Australia think that the cost of dental implants in Australia is high, they opt to travel to other countries like Thailand for their treatment. But the Australians who aim to avail the overseas dental implants are not bound by the protective measures that are strictly followed by dentist in Australia.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Dental Implants

People opt for different dental implant procedures depending on the complexity of our own dental issue. Some patients may require more complex procedure while others require very basic procedure. So, the dental implants cost in Sydney varies depending on the complexity of the procedure the patient undergoes. Here is a list of few factors that affect the cost of a single dental implant procedure:

  • Jawbone thickness – During dental implant procedure, a traditional implant is embedded into the patient’s jawbone. If the jawbone doesn’t have the required thickness or deep enough, then the dental implant will not be strong, so a different procedure should be used to fix the implant. This could involve the bone grafting procedure or a procedure that involves the use of a more complex frame.
  • Healing time after inserting the  dental implant – The healing times of dental implant procedure can range from 3 to 9 months, and with longer than normal healing time a patient may require a temporary denture or bridge made up to sit in place over the implant. This procedure cannot be skipped as it allows the development of natural bone in the place of the implant.
  • Rejection of the implant – In some cases, the jawbone may reject the implant that fail to osseointegrate. During this situation a larger implant will be required, or the case may be reassessed.
  • Where is the porcelain crown being made? –When it comes to the dental laboratory, there are thousands of options available in the making of the actual crown, each with varying levels of standards and experience. Beware whether the work is being contracted in a local laboratory. Since most of the local laboratories pass on the job to mass production centres in other countries that will be more cost effective. Ask your specialist to confirm where the dental crown is being made.
  • Number of dental implants – If you need an implant to support multiple teeth, you may need more than one implant that will increase the cost of the implant procedure.

Although the dental implants procedure in Sydney seems to be costly, it is worth the price. You can also consult with your insurance company whether any benefits are available for the dental implant procedure.